Increasing Numbers of Potential Spouse Background Check Requests Seen by Beacon

New York, NY (PressExposure) April 06, 2011 -- Evidently, trust is no longer a matter of principle but must also be backed by a healthy dose of objective, corroborated and irrefutable evidence developed by investigative experts in the field. Indeed, if the observations of Beacon Investigative Solutions is any indication, one and in some instances both parties to a potential marriage are now engaging investigation experts to ascertain whether there is some deal breaking dirt on their potential partner. The potential spouse background check phenomenon was literally unheard of but with the advent of electronic records and the increasing role that technology plays in the lives of people, particularly as it relates to developing a historical record, parties to a marriage are now taking one extra step as part of their due diligence.

Traditionalists will dismiss the act of checking up on one's potential spouse as distasteful and frankly a taboo matter. Skeptics laugh cautiously when they encounter talk of running a background check on their significant other. Yet more turn adversarial when the idea is posed to them. There is something inherently offensive, particularly to Americans, when someone or some organization embarks of a dirt digging adventure of discovery that peers into one's life, both in the present as well as the past. Understandably, this idea of someone invading people's privacy is profoundly anti-American on the surface that many balk at its mention. Freedom loving people are fiercely independent and snooping under the covers is plain and simply unacceptable to many.

Unfortunately, as people have witnessed in several high profile divorce cases, it is imperative that one gets to know one's potential spouse, and not just on the surface, but deep into the psyche and there could be no better proxy for what one might turn out to be than his or her historical record. Rehabilitation aside, a person who commits atrocities in the past is bound to manifest that behavior again. A criminal mind will most likely not turn into honest Abe overnight, and will most likely attempt further criminal activities in the future.

Of course the theory that states "once a criminal always a criminal" is not an absolute certainty, and potential spouse background check providers will attest to the uncertainty in terms of predicting one's future behavior based on historical tendencies, but nonetheless, the potential is there and it is very real. An extreme example of this would be a child abuser, who will continue with his or her destructive behavior regardless of steps taken to rehabilitate them.

Just as a prenuptial is a vehicle to ensure peace of mind, so too is a potential spouse background check. The growing popularity of spousal background checks is proof enough that society is increasingly becoming more sophisticated in seeking out and securing the services of investigators to ensure that their future is as trouble free as they can make it. No one is under the illusion that a background check alone will provide all the answers to questions about how a person might turn out months or years down the line. But it is something, and at the very least, today's man or woman can make a fact based decision on whether or not to enter into a commitment of marriage.

"Beacon Investigative Solutions features the right mix of people, process and technology to enable them to service potential spouse background check requests, and our expertise has been responsible for many decisions because we provide fact based results that are unambiguous and frankly, actionable," explains Mike Orchard of Beacon Investigative Solutions.

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