Increasing Popularity of Nutritional Supplements Boosts Growth of Small Town "Natural Pharmaceutical" Company

Snowflake, Arizona (PressExposure) March 02, 2007 -- A constant stream of new medical discoveries connecting disease to nutrient deficiencies has skyrocketed growth of the nutritional supplement industry. Recent surveys reveal that more than 100 million Americans, or over 50% of the US population, take at least one nutritional supplement daily, up from an estimated 33.2% in 2001. This phenomenal growth in the industry has been seen at Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club, a nationwide nutritional supplement company owned and operated by Snowflake husband and wife team Dr. Dana Myatt and Mark Ziemann, R.N. ("The Z Team"). Dr. Myatt predicts that 2007 will be an all-time record year for sales, above and beyond the steady growth that The Wellness Club has experienced since its inception in 1994.

"Many doctors used to tell their patients that nutritional supplements did nothing more than produce 'expensive urine'," notes Myatt. "It's getting harder to convince people that nutritional supplements are worthless when numerous studies prove otherwise. In the past year alone we've seen studies connecting vitamin D deficiency with osteoporosis, abnormal cell growth (cancer) and stroke. Omega-3 essential fatty acid deficiency has been so well-proven to lead to atherosclerosis, heart arrhythmias and blood clots (and other problems like attention deficit disorder/ADD) that the FDA now allows label claims to be made. CoQ10 has been proven in nearly twenty studies to benefit heart-health. It is also a nutrient that is depleted by cholesterol-lowering "statin" drugs. How much proof is there? Cardiologists have been advised to recommend CoQ10 supplementation to their heart patients, although I don't know how many really do. The list of proven deficiency-related diseases would fill a very thick book, and savvy health consumers know this," according to Myatt.

In spite of the burgeoning growth of the industry, one wonders how this quiet local company has managed to carve a profitable niche in an industry dominated by over 10,000 physical stores and an even larger number of online vitamin retailers (Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club sells primarily through doctors and the internet). Dr. Myatt explains that "In spite of the huge surge in consumer interest in supplements, there is still no consistent regulatory control of the industry. The FDA is gunning to shut down the nutritional industry altogether, not regulate quality standards. I believe the biggest reason we have managed to thrive in the midst of so much competition is our unrelenting adherence to the highest quality standards. We don't just manufacture nutritional supplements; we produce pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Although they aren't for everyone, people who want the best nutritional supplements available tend to be our customers. Our products are doctor-formulated, then manufactured to pharmaceutical standards for potency and purity."

Adds Nurse Mark, "Dr. Myatt is known in the nutrition industry as 'The Dragon Lady' because of her attention to detail, and it's a title she wears proudly. We both feel strongly that the most expensive supplement in the world is the one that doesn't work. We'll let other manufacturers focus on discount prices while we keep our products centered on high quality and proven health results."

"The Z Team" also focuses much attention on patient and consumer ducation. "Studies have shown that the majority of people who take nutritional supplements are college educated," Myatt points out. "Our customers are free-thinkers who want straight talk about all aspects of their health, from conventional drugs to nutritional supplements. They know there's a lot of hype in the marketplace, and they rely on us to cut through the sales pitch and deliver factual information. I believe our patient and physician education programs, public presentations and medical writing are another reason that many people look to us for their nutritional supplement needs. We strive to provide our customers with a high degree of medical sophistication and honesty, and in return they reward us with customer loyalty. Many of our Wellness Club members have been with us since we started in 1994."

Jamie “J.J.” Jameson, Wellness Club's HealthBeat newsletter editor and "girl Friday," sees the newsletter and website as an important part of the company's success. "The Wellness Club's website,, features authoritative information about nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, healing foods and healthy lifestyles, with scientifically-based holistic medical approaches for over 100 health concerns. It also contains extensive information about individual vitamins, minerals, herbs and accessory nutrients. In addition to the website, thousands of people across the country stay informed about the latest news in both conventional and holistic medicine by subscribing to The Wellness Club's free weekly online newsletter, HealthBeat. Our customers and patients really prefer to stay informed," Jamie notes. (The sign-up form for HealthBeat is located at and subscription is free).

Long-term customer and Wellness Club member Becky Romant finds the personalized customer service most important. "When I call to place an order, I talk to Nurse Mark, a real medical professional who can answer my questions. He knows who I am by the sound of my voice and remembers my medical concerns. This is a lot different than placing an order with some monolithic vitamin company and speaking to an uninformed order-taker in Outer Elbonia. I really feel like they know and care about me when I call The Wellness Club."

Whatever the reasons, the nutritional supplement industry as a whole will be selling an estimated 44.5 billion dollars worth of goods this year. The folks at Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club seem content to have their small piece of that success. According to Dr. Myatt, "We all sleep well at night knowing that we're helping people. We don't need to make a fortune. We are grateful to be able to contribute to people's health, make a comfortable living, and enjoy a happy, healthy life here in Snowflake, Arizona. Life is good."


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