India Banned ClonPhones Will Not Hinder China Mobile Phone Industry Bigger and Stronger

Shenzhen , China (PressExposure) December 17, 2009 -- News from China News Service, Indian TRAI banned mobile phones without IMEI (international mobile phone, equipment identifiers) from this month, which made a large number of clon phones without IMEI smuggled to India step into a more difficult situation. But the industry insiders told reporters, clon mobile phones encounter force-out, it will not block the stronghold of China mobile phone industry developing from "made in China" to "create in China".

Recently, made-in-China image advertisement was played on CNN, American Headline News Channel and American Asia Channel, which appeal the attention at home and abroad. On one hand, it will increase trade friction, on the other hand, it is the historic mission of changing"made in China" to China "create in China"; China mobile phone industry is also talking widespread comments.

Zhang Peng, chief editor of "The Business Value" expressed in the Qualcomm China Partner Conference, clon cellphones were banned, which is beneficial to the increasing orders of its local businesses from formal channels and formal vendors, therefore, India banned Chinese clon phones is a good opportunity for ZTE and Huawei, K-Touch etc.

Zte smartphone CEO Ji Zhongping analyzed, after years of accumulation, some China mobile phone manufacturers have mastered enough technology accumulation. Moreover, China mobile industry has advantage in whole chain. Mobile phone industry chain was transferred from Europe to Japan, then from Japan and Korean to China. Currently, China has impeccable industry chain from the IC, function module, operating systems, applications, and design etc. Its advantages are not only limited in manufacturing link, the creative manufacturers which meet the requirements have appeared in China.

Ji Zhongping considered, the Chinese nation is a creative and hardworking nationality, which is also the prerequisite that China mobile phone industry can become bigger and stronger.

Ji Zhongping introduced with Zte business model, the Zte’s technical support link in the United States, its production in China, while customers from Europe and the worldwide countries, "the only Chinese manufacturers diligence to can take three eight-hour consecutive operations all over the world".

At present, the outputs of China mobile phones rank the first place, Chinese communication equipments are found all over the world. So "made in China” is not only the “China manufacturing”, but also the “global manufacturing".

Cellphone-China CEO Mr. Huang expressed, the trend of mobile phone industry is customized, localization. International and multinational operation is also beneficial to the local. Mr. Huang said, “made in China” actually like image advertisement said: "China manufacturing, global cooperation".

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