Indian Art And Culture - A Great Cultural Value Of India

Jaipur, India (PressExposure) August 20, 2009 -- India has a great value and holds his own pride place in the history and panorama of arts that can be explored in India and world over. You can see the strong reflection of Indian art, its culture and traditional values in the depth of the life of an Indian. Here are so many interesting manifestations of the art and culture in India ranging from the elegant form of nataraja to the vibrant Rajasthani miniatures and that is also present and can be explored in the diversified images of Buddha, and the iconography of the gods and goddesses.

Indian literature has its own glorious and prestigious place in the literature of the world. India devoted a very important role in the history of the literature from Ramayana to Gita and Vedas to the Upanishads. The literature of India explores the morality and the pure way of truth that glimpse India’s traditions culture and pure art work.

You can realize and found their own way, traditions, culture and expression in the languages of India. Diverse culture, traditions and values are reflected here by the peoples. Ethnically Indians speak different languages, follow different religions and eat the most diverse varieties of food all of which add to the rich Indian culture.

The art and the traditions forms have withstood the invading Persians, Romans, Arabs, Mughals & Europeans. The traditions brought along by the invaders did merge with the existing art forms and newer varieties emerged to stand tall amidst the older traditional disciplines. Theaters in India have a glorious history and traditions of playing acts and presenting an unforgettable event in front of the viewers. The cinema of India has its golden age as its assets and gained the reputed position in the history of cinema.

The story of Indian Art and Culture that prologue to the story lies deep in the culture of the land. India, being the ancient civilization through its no changeable tradition which remains forever centuries and contemporary arts community explore the unparallel diversity of religions, art and culture.

Here the culture of the people creating the work of art. One may realize in India the rich culture, ancient traditions, unchanged values of rich heritage and languages over the centuries. When we talk about the murals then we are saying a huge work executed on the wall of solid structures. And another type of paintings that can be explores on the small base that may be the paper, cloths etc.

The famous and ancient Indian art, its painting that provide a glimpse of the ancient India moving to the modernity. One can feel the cultural and architectural development that is purely flourished on the paintings of India. The paintings of India can be classified widely as murals and the miniatures.

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