Indian Boys Come Up with Shortcuts to Google, Orkut

Punjab, India (PressExposure) February 11, 2009 -- Want to access the popular search engine Google? Just type .Wish to login to Orkut? Then type ookkmm ctrl+enter.These are a couple of the many keyboard shortcuts brought out by eight "Net-Savvy Youth" from India using their "Angle Theory".

According to them, the whole concept is to overcome the language barrier while surfing. English net users will feel more comfort, non English user can use the internet and illiterates can also use the internet.

So what if one does not know English. Just follow the shortcuts or angle theory invented by the dotcom company to log on to your favorite sites or play games, videos, to see wallpapers of guys & gals etc.

Demonstrating their invention, Managing Director of Atoall , Mr. Sanjeev Kumar said, "One has to type three letters twice on the computer keyboard which are in a straight line, 'C' or inverted 'C', 'V' or inverted 'V' twice followed by dot (.) com or ctrl+enter (its for www. .com). Shortcut keys are together on the keyboard. We can earn 36 billions US$ annually from this invention because illiterate can use the internet by Atoall's Angle Theory. So, non English persons can get benefits of internet technology also."

For example, if one wants to open a gaming site, then he can type the keyboard letters "m, j and n" that are in an inverted "V" shape angle on the keyboard -- mmjjnn ctrl+enter. Options are working from whole computer keyboard (approximately). Different sites are opened from different shortcuts in many angles like images, games etc angles. Similarly images can be opened by typing the letters which are in a "C" shape (half circle) on the keyboard -- rrddcc ctrl+enter -- and for videos, it will be "C" order but from downwards -- bbggyy ctrl+enter. Yahoomail can be opened directly by typing yyhhnn ctrl+enter.

If any body is having Japanese computer and he doesn't know English. Now he can use web search engine by Atoall's Angle Theory and complete the task. He can use right to left angle e.g. mmnnbb ctrl+enter. There is no need to identify 'M', 'N' or 'B' he can start from any key e.g. ppooii ctrl+enter, jjhhgg ctrl+enter, ggffdd ctrl+enter etc. Its too easy. When he'll type Japanese in the search bar then the search results will come in Japanese on his screen.

Kumar said, "Multi-language search engines have been used in the concept. Only 15% persons are net users in the world at this time. Atoall can create 30% new internet users. Only 440 good shortcuts could be generated from the keyboard. Shortcuts are limited and limited things have unlimited cost like Diamonds. Its new internet technology invention by Atoall. 75% world can not identify English alphabets and website domain names can generate only in English, its cyber law."

The company's assistant director (marketing) Rinkle Sharma said, "All these come under the cyber laws. So, there is no violation of any rule and regulation. Moreover, there is no need to install any new software in the existing computer or laptop."

Sharma said, "When we want a web search engine then there is a need of search engine name which is available only in English, second we find the alphabets of search engine name from keyboard, third we type our keyword for search. We are using this search method for 85% common topics also like games, wallpapers etc. With Atoall's angle theory we can reach directly on 85% common searches like games, videos, image etc. It may be possible that old search method will be history because Angle Theory is not bounded with any one language, all angles/hot keys are together on the computer keyboard, there is no finger traveling". He added, "If a web site is in Japanese but its name is in English then the website is of less use for those Japanese people, they don't know English so, they cannot open the site. It is happening with all world language websites."

He told that company has require more funds for advertisement and to develop the product. So they are looking for business partners. Gaming, Videos, wallpaper, search, lengthy domain name websites etc. can take the benefits of this invention and give the contribution to develop the easy & best internet technology for public.

In the reply of a reporter's question that how can you teach to non English & illiterate people? He told that when a big website company will start showing its shortcut on company's home page like Wikipedia, Facebook etc. then the concept will start world wide automatically in one hour and people will start to teach each other, now many companies will start showing the shortcuts for their user's comfort. This concept will also grow by colleges and universities when they will add the concept in their computer books.


Sanjeev Singla
Punjab, INDIA

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