Indian Retail Banking Sector - Opportunities and Challenges

Navi Mumbai, India (PressExposure) February 19, 2009 -- The annual growth in bank credit to the commercial sector is at 25.4% as on March 31, 2007 and was lower than 27.2% against previous year.Till 2010, retail banking is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28% to touch a figure of INR9,700 billion.This requires expansion and diversification of retail product portfolio, better penetration and faster service mechanism

The report on Retail Banking Industry in India( []) covers industry segments like housing loan, auto loan, personal loan, education loan, consumer durable loan, credit card and regulatory frame work for retail banks is also discussed. The report gives retail banking industry’s current performance and future outlook. Total 22 major retail banks in India are covered in terms of their performance, strategy and outlook

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3. GLOBAL RETAIL BANKING SCENARIO 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Retail drives the global banking assets to touch USD65 trillion 3.3 Declining bad debt and provisions 3.4.Profitability improves 3.5 Increased emphasis on fee-based business 3.6 Region-wise Analysis 3.6.1 US 3.6.2 Europe 3.6.3 Asia Pacific 3.7 Recent Trends 3.7.1 Level and growth rate of Household Credit 3.7.2 More Banks focusing on revenue growth 3.7.3Rising consumer debt causes concern

4.INDIAN BANKING INDUSTRY 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Evolution 4.3 Reforms galore 4.4 Current Status 4.4.1 Monetary and liquidity position: Relatively stable 4.4.2 Inflationary pressure decreases 4.4.3 Credit Market 4.4.4 Composition of Indian banking system in 2007 4.5 Geographic Spread 4.6 Key Business Segments 4.7 Public sector banks are still leading…

5. RETAIL BANKING - AN INDIAN SCENARIO 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Credit growth zooms 5.3 Segments of retail lending 5.4 Retail Credit: Geographical Spread (2005-06) 5.5 Category wise Distribution (2005-06) 5.6 Comparing India with global peers (2005) 5.7 Major players and their market share 5.7.1 ICICI a leader among private banks with 34% market share 5.7.2 SBI does the catching up 5.7.3 Geographic dominance (2006-07) 5.8 Recent Trends 5.8.1 Changing Demographic profile drives the growth 5.8.2 Players’ Response aggressively to the changing environment 5.8.3 NPA Level still favourable

6. Housing Finance 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Industry Structure 6.3 Housing loan disbursement zooms 6.4 Low interest rates push up home loan disbursement 6.5 Banks overtake HFCs in housing loan disbursements 6.6 Banks are aggressive on Refinancing as well 6.7 Changing age profile of borrowers 6.8 Higher loan-to-value ratio 6.9 Size of Home Loan 6.10Outlook 6.10.1 Housing loan as percentage of GDP will touch 10% soon 6.10.2 Loan disbursement will rise up to the demand 6.10.3 Banks’ dominance in funding will increase 6.10.4 Rising asset prices and frauds to pose challenge

7. Auto Finance 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Component-wise break-up 7.3 Segment-wise analysis 7.3.1 Cars 7.3.2 Multi-utility Vehicles 7.3.3 Two-wheeler sales crosses 7m 7.4 Driving factors 7.4.1 Entry of foreign car makers 7.4.2 Cheaper loans 7.4.3 Reduction in Taxes & Duties 7.5 Changing Business dynamics 7.6 Recent Trends 7.6.1 Upgradation is helping auto financier 7.6.2 Used Car Finance: Catching up fast 7.7 Major Challenges 7.7.1 Sustaining the growth rate 7.7.2 Need for innovation 7.7.3 Enhancement of share of auto component in global trade 7.8 Outlook

8. Consumer Durable Loans 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Consumer durable credit 8.2.1 Geographical Spread and Market share 8.2.2 Category wise Distribution 8.3 Competition pinches on consumer durable credit growth 8.4 Innovations in lending – Avenues for growth 8.5Commercial Banks are aggressively capturing market 8.6 Outlook

9. Educational loans 9.1 Introduction 9.2 Educational loans disbursement 9.3 Driving factors 9.4 Major Challenge in Education Loan 9.5 Outlook

10. Other Personal Loans 10.1 Introduction 10.2 Personal Loans: Geographical spread and Market share 10.3 Personal Loans Category wise Distribution 10.4 Bank lending is increasing 10.5 Competition propels Innovation

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