Indian Student Startup "Intugine" Launches Nimble - Gesture Based Device to Control PCs

Delhi, India (PressExposure) December 31, 2013 -- Intugine Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a startup founded by students at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) has announced pre-order bookings for their unique gesture and motion controlling device, "Nimble". It's for the first time in the world, that a technology can accurately track finger movements over a distance of 15 ft

Nimble is a revolutionary PC control device that works on hand gestures and uses motion sensing technology to access applications, play games, paint & draw and even write using their hands in the air! Shaped like a ring, it fits snugly on your fingers. It is Nimble that communicates the motion to the sensor. This information is then transferred to the computer. The proprietary software analyses the information and uses it to control the computer. It uses a specially developed USB sensor that allows up to 15 feet of distance for accurate gesture controls. Just plug in this sensor in your PC and use Nimble to control your computers

Intugine Technologies is a fascinating example of the latest trend in India towards product based companies. It is unique in that its founders are still undergraduate students.

"We were fascinated by the thought of physically interacting and shaping the world inside computers. Driven by the entrepreneurial zeal to do something amazing, we developed a very powerful motion sensing technology. It delivers the experience that we wanted. It is highly responsive and accurate to write and paint in the air. At the same time, working over 15 ft, and supporting multiple players, it brings a new magic in gaming experience. It's reliable and stable enough to use in your Business presentations. In a way, it's a bit artistic, a bit corporate and a lot crazy. We wanted to share this experience with people. That's when we came together and turned this into a company." - said Harshit Shrivastava, Founder & CEO and a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engg at the college.

Comparison with similar products

The company claims to have unique advantages over existing products offering similar solutions. "No other product offers the accuracy and sensitivity over a distance from the computer (15 feet) that Nimble supports. We have filed for provisional Indian patents for the technology and are confident of taking the patents global later on" - added Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Lead, Business Development and a student of 3rd year mechanical engineering.


"The software is completely developed/written by us. It is highly optimized for smooth performance. The software actually analyses the user's motion and produces desired functions in computer. We have customized the product to interface with music players/ movie players/ Presentations/ Paint/ Online books and other applications using gestures. We have also customized it to control games like Counter Strike/ Angry Birds and Fruit ninja with hand gestures" said Mr. Harshit Srivastava.

"To make our interaction more natural and intuitive with Operating System like Windows, we are developing another layer of interaction which consists of more physical interfaces like rotating wheels (buttons) with fingers to change volume, pulling threads to pull your dashboard from above, make a cross to close any programme and flick your hand to switch between applications. Our software facilitates you to drag things physically with your hands and drop them even in other connected screens to transfer them," Harshit says.

Saurav Suman , a third year student of B.Tech who is a software developer at IntuGine adds that the device has some features that makes it user-centric like signature recognition. "We have written our own, entirely different gesture recognition application. User can feed his own unique gestures, like his signature or any other symbol to perform specific tasks like opening his Facebook account or open his favorite song," he added.

"We have come up with some major innovations in hardware in fitting all of the electronics into a tiny wearable ring that can communicate with sensor over a large working range of 15 ft. We have designed, prototyped the manufacturing sample and also managed to pack all the electronics within the body shape. Similarly, our sensor is a powerful device that is only a few inches in size and sits on your desk. To make it work with extra-large range without missing any of the minor details were the major challenges, which we have solved." - said Mr. Vivek Kumar, Sr. Manager, Hardware and a student of 3rd year electronics & communication engineering.

The company claims to have over 30 students involved in all aspects of the company - operations, software development, app development, social media management

Mrinal Rai, a third year BCom student at Delhi University's Sriram College of Commerce who handles operations says that the company is focused on affordable pricing keeping the Indian market in mind. "Our vision is to bring a new level of comfort, where you can control your devices, sitting anywhere in the room. Keeping developing countries like India in mind, we bring this unique experience at a very economical cost." he says.

The company has also developed its own special applications like virtual drum player, violin player and piano player that works with gesture actions. They claim to be developing simple gaming apps like a Harry Potter game where you can move your wand like a wizard.

Gesture actions to support push/pull, rotation to map physical actions are also planned.

Intugine Technologies is being mentored by two of the IIT KGP alumni - Mr. Arjun Malhotra, well known serial IT entrepreneur (co-founder of HCL, co-founder of HeadStrong) and Mr. Arvind Jha (co-founder of Movico Technologies & Pariksha Labs), who is known in startup ecosystem for his passion about technology & products. "It has been eye-opening to see the creativity and zeal in the Intugine team. They have grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I wish we had a similar ecosystem when I was a student. For most of my classmates, it was a scholarship for MS that was the target in 3rd year! Its great to see entrepreneurs emerge from my alma mater " - Mr. Jha stated.

Future plans

The team aims to make human-system interactions in the most effortless and intuitive way possible. They plan to make their device work in the domain of Smart TVs, home automation, Virtual Reality interaction and Gaming. "Presently we are targeting on PCs and gaming consoles, further we are also planning to enter smart TV and home automation," says Harshit.

Nimble device is available for pre-ordering from the company website and has been priced at a very reasonable Rs. 5499/- for initial orders. "We have a strong back log of students interested in the device and the pre-order will enable us to convert interest into revenue and force us to become customer-focused" - Harshit added.

About Intugine Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Intugine Technologies is an innovative student startup at IIT Kharagpur that is working on using motion sensing and gesture technologies to bring new ways for consumers to control PCs and appliances. For more information visit

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