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Gurgaon , Haryana India (PressExposure) February 08, 2011 -- Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions in the world today. More and more people are becoming affected with this sugar disorder that slowly erodes the quality of life that leads to rapid aging and untimely death. Research has revealed much of how the body functions and how it metabolizes food to produce the glucose needed to keep an active lifestyle. Some Common Myths are:

• All diabetes is inherited: Not everyone who gets diabetes inherits it. People tend to inherit the risk of Type 2 Diabetes more than Type 1. One is considered at risk for developing Type 2 if any first-degree relatives have diabetes.
• People with diabetes should never eat sugar and sweets: Sugar and sweets do raise blood glucose, but diabetics can safely eat sugar as part of their meal plan. And just to clear up another myth, one can't get diabetes from eating too much sugar.
• Once start taking pills or insulin, one can eat anything that he / she want: The pills or insulin that one takes for diabetes are more effective when they don't have to work as hard to lower the blood glucose. Combining medicines with a healthy meal plan and physical activity gives the best result.
• There are no natural remedies for diabetes: The most natural remedy is eating a healthy diet and exercise. Healthy eating and physical activity help to lower your blood glucose levels.
• The best way to judge blood sugar level is by the way one feels: Some people have symptoms when their blood glucose is too high or low, others do not. Because some of the symptoms of high and low blood glucose are similar, it can be hard to know what they mean. The only way to be sure is to check the blood glucose.
• For diabetics it is a good idea to soak feet every day: This used to be a common practice, but soaking feet can make the skin dry thus it is no longer recommended.
• If blood sugar is usually over 180 mg/dl that must be normal: No. Usual blood glucose isn't the same as normal blood glucose. Just because the blood glucose is usually high, does not mean that this is a good blood glucose level. High blood glucose levels that are above recommended goals do damage too many organs and systems in the body.
• Type 2 diabetes is not serious: This is a very dangerous myth because people who believe it may not take care of themselves. All types of diabetes are serious, and need to be taken seriously by people who have it in their families.
• Eating too much sugar causes diabetes: Diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar; rather it is caused by a lack or complete absence of insulin, a hormone that helps blood sugar get into cells. When you eat, food is turned into a type of sugar, but it's not the same as the refined sugar that is available at the store. If one exercises and follows a healthy diet, he/she can eat sweets. However, one has to be very careful not to overdo it and to balance fats, protein and carbohydrates throughout the day.

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