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Statein Island, NY (PressExposure) December 09, 2008 -- There are many levels on which Inetgiant works. It provides Internet entrepreneurs with the perfect location where they can place their advertisements.There is a software application provided by the website that can create thousands of advertisements about the product and put it up in prominent places.

The concept of and has always been quite murky. Even services that have promised free classified advertising in the past have wrapped up some or the other kinds of charges somewhere, thus shortchanging their subscribers. However, for newbies in the Internet marketing game, here is what may be the best news – a portal for completely free advertising submission to some of Internet's most premier websites is here. This service, which goes by the name of Inetgiant promises advertising to webpreneurs at absolutely no cost. The best part of the deal is that the service is internationally spread out, having a global outreach of up to 2.5 million viewers each day.

There are many levels on which Inetgiant works. It provides Internet entrepreneurs with the perfect location where they can place their advertisements. These locations are the advertising directories from where the ads are taken up by some of the most popular websites on the Internet. There is a software application provided by the website that can create thousands of advertisements about the product and put it up in prominent places. For Internet entrepreneurs who have always felt that advertising is the trickiest part of their marketing activity, this will definitely come as a big sigh of relief.

The software application is completely automated. It is a free classified ad submitter that works quite fast and is active 24/7 for making the submissions. It will also make up a database where the submission of ads can be checked. The software program is quite simple because it has a very tactical simple interface and does not even require a download.

Andrew Lloyton, New Jersey based Internet entrepreneur who has posted five hundred and twenty ads for his weight loss products through Inetgiant says, "Inetgiant may be a budding company but they are right on the mark when they say that they allow for free advertisement submissions. Within three days my ads were plastered all over the Internet, bringing me the kind of traffic that needed me to employ three more people." Mickey Anand, an Indian eBook reseller states, "I have always detested the advertising part of the Internet marketing game because it drastically cuts into our productive time. It is good that Inetgiant has offered its services for very simple free classifieds submission automation. I have already seen results with the service."

One of the best aspects of the Inetgiant system is that it finds customers for the product, rather than the product finding its customers. The ads placed follow the method of targeted ad listings. In this, the ads are placed only on those places where there is a possibility to find a customer niche. This is a singular aspect that has allowed the entrepreneurs already using this service to find a virtual multiplication of the traffic that their business websites are getting.

There are 14 categories to which these ads submitted through Inetgiant belong. These categories include Animals and Pets, Automobile, Business Opportunities, Business Services, Computers, Electronics and Appliances, Employment Opportunities, Financial and Money, General Merchandise, Health and Fitness, Internet Web Services, Personals, Real Estate and a miscellaneous category. It can be clearly seen that there is no business niche that hasn't been covered by this very unique Internet service. The website has been around for a while. That is clearly indicated by the 10,000 plus advertisements that are seen in most categories, with the number of advertisements in business opportunities topping the list at approximately 223,325.

Apart from the free advertisements and services, there are some other important services that are provided by Inetgiant. These include a free advertising site map, submitting free classified ads to websites, email marketing, bringing targeted visitors to websites, making search engine placements, etc. It also has a free auction site of its own and has several informative classified advertising tips in order to make sure that the advertisers make the most of the services that they offer.

A representative from Inetgiant said, "Targeted advertising is not a new phenomenon on the Internet, it has always been around. But because of the various misconceptions that shroud the subject and because most services that promise targeted advertising actually don't, we felt the need to start over. Our website Inetgiant is a complete overhaul of how advertising has always been done over the Internet. Now, it is the customers that will be chasing the advertisements, and not the advertisements that will try to find takers. Our new software systems have made finding your niche a whole lot easier."

The Bulk Email Blaster feature of Inetgiant deserves a healthy applause. This system will allow bulk emails to be sent to a preexisting opt-in list which reduces a lot of hassle for the average Internet marketer. The service is such that the emails sent are completely spam free and reach the websites where there is a real possibility of finding the real niche of the product. The best aspect of this feature is that Internet entrepreneurs will no longer have the need of using any lead generation tactics. The Bulk Email Blaster system will make sure that the person's advertisements are sent right to the areas on the Internet where there is a chance of finding the most people.

Even the ads that are placed through Inetgiant on other places of the Internet are divided into various categories according to their importance. They are billed as Spotlight Ads, Featured Ads. Premiere Ads, Gallery Ads, Most Viewed Ads and the Latest Ads. This segregation helps in reaching the desired clientele of the company. In addition, the ads are also divided on the basis of the subject that the product speaks about. There are also some kinds of unique ad categories such as Wanted to Buy, Help Wanted and Diet Ads.

Placing an ad on Inetgiant requires the person to become a member of the website first. This is a very simple process, asking minimum of details. Once the account is set up, the category needs to be selected where the ad will be placed. Assuming that the advertisement is already prepared, now all that the poster of the advertisement has to do is to paste all the contents of the ad into the space provided. This will include the title of the ad, a short description, the keywords or the tags that are available. This is all that is required; will this much in order, the ad will be ready to be sent out to millions of people on the websites over the Internet.

About Inetgiant

Inetgiant is currently inviting people to check out its services and find out whether they are really free or not. People feel they have nothing to lose because they are not spending any money and are getting the chance to reach out to millions of customers over the Internet. However, since money is required to run a business venture, the website plans to market a few of their features in the near future. As of now, it stands as one of the world's only true free advertisements and free classified submission portal, with a promised outreach to at least two and a half million people, out of which a large number of people would be targeted customers for the business product.

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