Infodoro Announces The New Release Of Its Web Application, Fivewords And The Infodoro Evangelist Rewards Program

Silicon Valley, CA (PressExposure) March 18, 2008 --, a social networking site announced today, the launch of a new version of its Web 2.0 social application 'FiveWords'. Targeted at busy professionals, multitasking executives, college students and individuals (who want to have a say in the society and wish to get heard without being always judged on the right or the wrong), this web application is intended to help with effective management of personal expression and information, overtime.

The Fivewords application lets users express their opinions or add thoughts, on a wide variety of topics using rich media elements. The topics available range from pop culture topics such as movies and music to internet and web 2.0, to political topics like elections and foreign policy apart from socially relevant topics as global warming, darfur and sub-prime loan crisis. What's unique though, are the user ratings captured, compared and managed overtime, on the topics visited by users. The ratings stored, are put on display in a graphical view and represent, how the opinion about a topic has changed over time. Users can also compare to see, how their personal opinion/s changed on different topics as compared to the rest of the community. The application also allows users to mark their posts private and confine the view to them. This way the users can also utilize FiveWords, as an online and personal digital diary, to record their morphing opinions on topics of interest.

The new release of FiveWords significantly augments the look and feel of the thoughts posted at Infodoro 'FiveWords'. Users also have the ability to better format their posts, using rich text elements like fonts, colors and text sizes. They can also include emoticons (smilies) and relevant images. Another interesting feature included is the ability to include videos from video sharing sites like YouTube. The overall presentation of the posts has also improved, making it even easier to navigate and read. Using the community sharing features on the website, users can invite and involve their friends in real-time and lively discussions. The 'My account' page now also captures real time user statistics and organizes it on the specific account page. also announced the launch of its Infodoro Evangelist Rewards program. This fun program lets the users of the FiveWords application earn cash rewards and prizes when they participate in the already fun activity of sharing their opinions on the website. Based on the users' contributions and its popularity, Infodoro awards attractive rewards to the contributors.

The team at has also improved the navigation through categories and topics by offering features such as tracking history and bookmarking of favorite topics and favorite posts. "This should simplify user interaction with the FiveWords interface. There is more to come, be it the choice of topics or the organization and interface at FiveWords" commented one of the application developers, at Infodoro.

“We have always thought that there should be a way people can express, share and manage their personal information and expressions over the web, without any inhibitions on sounding politically correct (every time they make a statement in public) or the fear of not being an expert at something.” explained Deven Kalra, CEO, on the vision for development of FiveWords and the ways it would stimulate social interaction across the web community. provides digital lifestyle applications to enhance the web experience of its users and help them be more productive.

The Fivewords application lets users express and share their personal views, thoughts and other related information over the web. Using the unique ratings tracking features, users can see how their own and the community's thinking is changing about different topics over time. Unlike forums, discussion groups and blogs, FiveWords doesn’t require the user to be an expert. In addition to text write ups, the users can also share images and videos within the FiveWords community.

The Shopping list manager application lets shoppers, ease their shopping chores by creating, storing and sharing their shopping lists, online. Rather than having to make lists every time they go shopping, they can just create the lists and save them forever, at Infodoro. They can then simply filter, print and e-mail their lists whenever they need to go shopping. The advanced Web 2.0 interface of the application has a very desktop like feel while the data is secure and available on the web.

For additional information on this web application and Infodoro, contact Smita Sharma or visit the company blog at []. The current version of this web application is hosted and available for free on the Infodoro website, at [].

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