Infodoro Announces The Release Of Its Digital Lifestyle Application, Online Shopping List Manager

Silicon Valley, CA (PressExposure) March 18, 2008 --, a web destination for digital life-style applications announced the launch of its first web 2.0 personal productivity application, the Shopping List Manager. Targeted at busy professionals, stressed moms, multitasking executives, college students and parents, juggling with several tasks at hand, this web application at is intended to make shoppers organized, efficient and smart.

The shopping list manager application lets users ease their shopping chores by managing and sharing their shopping lists online. Rather than having to scribble down on paper lists every time they go shopping, users would now be able to create lists online and store them forever, at Infodoro. These shopping lists would be easily accessible online, just at the click of a mouse. Additional features like easy sorting, quick filters, item flags, and description besides print and e-mail options make these lists even more manageable and productive. The advanced Web 2.0 interface of the application has a very desktop like feel while the data available over the web, is as secure and accessible from any computer or web-enabled mobile phone.

The application offers a user-friendly interface that allows quick addition of items on the shopping list and creation of multiple shopping lists, based on utility or occasions. The user also has the option, to tag an item with a store name and category. In addition, they can track and remind themselves of any coupons, they have for the items. This way a shopper manages saving a few dollars, while shopping at various stores. In addition, the ability to turn off or on, a needed flag for any item is quite handy for recurring shopping lists like grocery lists. The user also has the ability to mark an item as 'Needed' and segregate it easily from the entire shopping list on several occasions.

Users can also filter items on the list based on criterion like store, category, most needed or with coupons. This helps with the customization of list, to the purpose of that particular shopping trip.

The shopping list manager has powerful communication capabilities including printing and e-mail options, in a customizable format. The users can choose to filter and format their shopping lists, for printing, sharing and e-mailing over a desktop or cell phone.

“Of course, ours is not the first shopping list application on the web but we do believe it is one of the best, in terms of functionality, user interface and accessibility.” commented Deven Kalra, CEO,, on the vision for development of the Shopping List application.

“This application exemplifies how Internet software should be easy to use, unobtrusive and continuously operating without long delays to break your thought process” added Deven.

For additional information on this web application and Infodoro, contact Smita Sharma or visit []. The current version of this web application is hosted and available for free, on the Infodoro website. provides digital lifestyle applications to enhance the web experience of its users and help them be more productive.

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The Shopping list manager application lets shoppers, ease their shopping chores by creating, storing and sharing their shopping lists, online. Rather than having to make lists every time they go shopping, they can just create the lists and save them forever, at Infodoro. They can then simply filter, print and e-mail their lists whenever they need to go shopping. The advanced Web 2.0 interface of the application has a very desktop like feel while the data is secure and available on the web.

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