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Pulham, United Kingdom (PressExposure) April 22, 2008 -- Why Net Lawman?

We have the largest collection of legal documents for sale in UK over the Internet. We sell predominantly to other businesses but to individual consumers too. This is a relatively new concept in UK, although competition is growing. We believe we provide the best quality documents and customer service which goes above and beyond the norm.

Our documents are carefully drawn by solicitors with over 20 year’s commercial law experience and by specialist barristers.

Net Lawman legal documents are the best because: • documents are written in plain English • each document comes with comprehensive explanatory notes • so that the customer can be confident in doing more without a solicitor; • we have a wide range of commercial documents, so the customer will find what they need! • Unlike our competitors, our documents can be changed and edited on the computer - without restriction. • customers can keep documents for future use - as long as they like

What is the market for legal documents?

Unlike other products, legal documents will always be in demand. This is because it is often a breach of the law not to have them.

There are millions of people who need legal documents every year. Net Lawman seeks to bridge a gap in the monopoly of solicitors providing poor quality documents which have been largely created from other precedents. Of course our costs too, are minimalised – no travel charges, no overheads for office stationary and researchers costs.

We provide quality legal documents for almost all situations.

When will I receive commission?

We want to pay you as much as possible because that is an indicator that sales have been high. As long as the commission you have earned is over GBP 10 for any month, you will be paid at the end of that month. Less than that and it is carried forward to the next month.

How is commission calculated?

We use “Euraffiliates” which we believe is the very best affiliate tracking software. It is a web based system. We do not think any other affiliate software is sufficiently flexible for us and certainly not as easy to set up and use. As you would expect, the programme provides real time statistics, so that you can come to our site any time and check up how you are doing.

What is the basis of calculation?

We take the gross sale price, deduct tax if any, and pay you 25% of that. We make no prior deduction for bank costs or anything else. You get 25%, period. You will also get 5% and 2% commission for 2nd and 3rd levels.

What about repeats?

We will pay for any repeat sales in 60 days of the referral. After 60 days to get commission from same client, the client must come via your website.

Do you have a minimum business qualification?

No, there is no minimum. Whilst our agreement does enable us to terminate the contract with you, our present policy is to follow the Amazon route and encourage a large number of affiliates.

How do you manage a large number of affiliates?

We prioritise our efforts and management time towards new affiliates and to our best performing affiliates.

What did you say about 60 days?

We said that we will keep a site visitor tagged with your tag for 60 days. So if she visits today but does not actually buy for another 60 days, we still pay you - provided you are still with us, of course.

What if I die or get injured, or just decide not to try very hard? We keep your account open and go on paying you for three years from the date of your last order. If you want to assign your rights to someone else, that is fine too.

For how long will I continue to receive level two commissions?

We will continue to pay you level two and level three commission for three years from the date of termination of your contract, provided level two and level three commission together, paid to you in the immediately preceding 12 months exceeded £200. To put it another way, it has to be worth our time and yours to keep the account open.

What are your selling points?

It has to be said that legal documents do not make a product with obvious sex appeal. But buying Net Lawman documents does have a gigantic benefit to the customer. As you will see from the text on our web site, we believe the selling points are:

• Huge cost savings over using a solicitor. Solicitors are professionally bound to take full instructions and provide full advice. You cannot go to a solicitor and ask for “a document” no matter how confident you are that you can settle the terms. That leads to a high bill before you can say “professional monopoly”. What is more, commercial law solicitors are among the most expensive. • Time saving. Your site visitors may overlook just how long it takes to find and visit a solicitor who knows anything about commercial law. • We have the largest range of legal documents for UK businesses. Really! Two of our competitors have more documents in total, but most are what we call “private law” - wills and that sort of thing. One gives a column of navigation which lists all sorts of legal sectors, but if you click on a few, there are no documents there at all! • We really do have particular expertise in commercial and e-commerce law.

What sales help do you provide?

Legal documents are not an impulse buy, so pretty graphics will not sell more of them. But we do have ideas on how best to promote our products. For security, we prefer to wait your joining before we tell you our secrets!

We also help you individually to develop your own ideas. We are happy to write special pages for your website or that of your downline affiliates. If your contact is with an industry sector, we will write documents for that sector so that you can promote them. We also provide:

• A discount code system where by we can offer a discount for specific documents, a specific period or to a specific group. It is up to you to make proposals. • Loads of banner-style adverts. Quiet ads, noisy ads, large ads, small ads. You choose. • Press release material from time to time, though we are sure your own PR will be better than ours. • Information about what we are doing next, so that you can target a particular document or market.

What about newsletters?

Running a newsletter is a terrific way to promote Net Lawman. If you have a web site, but do not operate a newsletter, start now! It is undoubtedly the best way to bring people on board your proposals. You have the opportunity in a newsletter both to provide an interesting angle on our service which will be of real interest to your readers and at the same time to promote our service with a personal recommendation. That makes a world of difference over a mere advert. The link we will provide to you will contain your personal affiliate reference, so that you will be credited with the sale, in just the same way as from your web site. Try for newsletter marketing ideas.

What technical help can you give me?

Only a very low level of technical skill is needed, so we prefer not to provide technical assistance. However, we do accept that unforeseen problems occur from time to time. It is very much in our interest to help you solve them, so we shall do our best to help you.

We take the view that it is reasonable to expect our affiliates to be able to handle a web site. We do have developers on board on a permanent basis, but they are fully occupied on our own work. Our material is provided in a form which you can simply copy and paste to your web site.

To remind you again why you should sell Net Lawman documents: • Best document set • Largest selection • Expanding range and new ideas constantly improve the site • "Real" lawyers available at reasonable cost • Best affiliate system so you have confidence that you will not "lose" sales. • A whopping 25% +5%+2% commission rate!

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