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Indore, India (PressExposure) January 03, 2010 -- Got prescription? The why and when you must have one and how to get it.

Let’s face it. Going to the doctor just because you’ve run out of refills on your medication is a huge waste of time and money. Because millions of Americans are without insurance or can’t afford care, forcing the unnecessary expense of a Dr.’s appointment just prolongs the current crisis.

Literally thousands of web sites have sprung up to solve the Healthcare Crisis or act as muscle relaxers

# Some are good, and some are not and you’ve been learning how to tell the difference from these reports. A seal of approval alone is not a reliable test.

# Some require that you’ve seen a physician for your particular condition at least once in the past and others do not.

# From the perspective of safety, it makes sense to work with an online provider who requires that you’ve been seen in person, at least once, by a medical professional.

# Be certain that your health history and interactions with other medications have been considered before any prescription is issued. Controlled versus Non-Controlled Medications

Medications are classified by factors including their potential for abuse. The Controlled Substances Act was made into law to protect you from becoming addicted to prescription drugs. In a nutshell, you CANNOT BUY any medication that’s classified as controlled without having seen a doctor face to face.

ALL prescription medications require a valid prescription, whether paper or electronic, as dictated by the Ryan Haight Consumer Protection Act of 2008.

Use Your Head and Trust Your Gut

You probably don’t give yourself enough credit for how accurate your intuition truly is. If you suspect questionable practices or fraudulent activity, walk away. You can also use your head by educating yourself and protecting your family. This series of reports was written to cut through all the clutter of information on the internet and tell you what you really need to know. Please share what you’ve learned with your friends and family. Now you know!

You’ve learned that it can be perfectly safe and within the law to benefit from web medicine. Get full Help and Information about Muscle Relaxers at

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