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Arlington, Texas (PressExposure) August 03, 2007 -- A conference held in California saw the unveiling of an innovative way of printing photos and images from its source without the application of inks, ribbons, or even toners. A spinoff of the very popular Polaroid, the makers of the inkless printer claims this new technology can produce on-demand color images and photos that will change the face of the printing technology, especially with poster printing.

Zink Imaging, the company that manufactured the inkless printers, unveiled to the public an “ultraportable” equipment that can fit in the palm of the hand which can then be connected to digital cameras and even mobile phones for fast quality printing of photos without the application of inks. This is a totally new category of color printers and paper that work together to create a whole new way of photo reproduction.

Without ink, ribbons, or even toners, the ZINK printer utilizes a patented paper that changes its color when heat is applied. This is made possible with the dye crystals that were put inside the photo paper. At room temperature, the photo paper looks like any other paper. It’s colorless. But when inserted in the printer, the heat that was activated when you start printing releases the shades in the embedded crystals to create a plethora of colors that take the shape of your image.

In contrast, the outer layer is applied with a polymer overcoat to protect the patented paper. The two layers combined provide a more durable, colorful and cost effective photo printing paper.

What makes the ZINK printer more effective than the current image printers in the market is the cost that will be saved by the user from the ink. Imagine not having to purchase boxes and boxes of color inks and not anymore worrying that you’ll run out of them. You still need to buy the special patented paper though. But the manufacturers are expecting to make this specially made photo paper become available everywhere. And we’re talking about costs of about 20 to 25 cents per piece.

The inkless photo printer is also “ultraportable” that it is small enough to connect to portable gadgets like digital cameras and mobile phones (which, by the way, are getting smaller and smaller). This is made possible by the removal of the space and device that holds ink cartridges, toners and ink ribbons usually available in existing photo printers in the market today. Without it, most of the bulk was removed from the inkless printer providing a smaller, fit-in-the-hand version.

With the new technology, poster printing companies like can now save on costs which will reduce greatly the price for quality full color printing of pictures and images.

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