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Portland, OR (PressExposure) July 18, 2008 -- Innovation Software reaches a new milestone with the advent of ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software. An up-to-date successor to established creativity software such as IdeaFisher and eXpertSystem, ThoughtOffice employs the talents of more than 200 experts, MBAs, and PhDs to accelerate the brainstorming process. The program offers users access to an unprecedented knowledge base, accessible with a single keyword search or mouse click. The questions are arranged across 16 individual disciplines, by topic and sub topic, ranging from Strategic Planning or Public Speaking to Advertising and Marketing.

ThoughtOffice software also links directly to multiple online databases, providing updates in real time, with access to over 7,691,000 language elements and keyword-tagged images for quick & easy idea generation.

How does ThoughtOffice work? With one program, it allows users to instantly access:

* 13,700 prompts & questions organized in 16 topical categories, to "drill down" and explore problems or opportunities * Definitions, Synonyms and Hypernyms for the entire English language * Rhyming words and common phrases * Over 1,500,000 stock photo image thumbnails, to visually prompt generation of new ideas * A Dynamic Word Association Engine, growing weekly by more than 4,000 words * Over 1,000,000 popular quotations * Over 1,000,000 song lyrics * An Internet search term & keyword database, for use in advertising, marketing, and research

With these resources integrated into one powerful program, a user's thinking process can move outside the traditional box, and grow from linear to lateral, capturing the natural flow of ideas. The biggest apparent breakthrough is that the software gives users the ability to link the creative process directly to the real world, where ideas are turned into successful products.

"Creativity software has to offer dynamic content, otherwise it gets stale real quickly" says Mark Alan Effinger, Chief Evangelist and CEO of ThoughtOffice. "ThoughtOffice is like a visual outliner on steroids. The program includes easy-to-use organizing tools like the built-in Topics Browser (our expert question banks) and the IdeaBrowser (, our Internet-connected idea search engine. ThoughtOffice can boost idea creation very quickly, and help users share those ideas easily with others - whether in the same room, or across the country."

ThoughtOffice is the result of many person-years of brainstorming software development, an evolution that began with the release of IdeaFisher in the 1980s. Widely considered to be the grandfather of ThoughtOffice, IdeaFisher was one of the first commercially successful creativity programs for Mac or PC. According to Effinger, "We're convinced that ThoughtOffice fills a very real gap between outlining and mind mapping. It's brainstorming software that aids the flow of the user's creative process."

Martin Grossman, ( well-known marketing consultant, copywriter, and ThoughtOffice user, says, "If creative people need to write a proposal, prepare a meeting agenda, or wrap their minds around a big, complex project, ThoughtOffice will help them do it faster and do it better. People who think for a living have been waiting for a real breakthrough in creativity software, and this program is that breakthrough."

ThoughtOffice Innovation Software offers real-time Internet-connected brainstorming, problem solving, and original solutions for educators, life coaches, business leaders, and consultants. Effective innovation calls for an extreme makeover of the thinking process; ThoughtOffice provides the powerful remodeling tools, but employs them in incremental, trackable steps. The software also provides easily followed visual & conceptual road maps. Backtracking your idea is simple and organic. The program keeps a log of every step in the innovation process, and allows the process to be shared, replayed, protected, archived, and branded by the person who brainstormed the innovation.

The program helps users refine a concept or solution by employing more than 13,700 questions and prompts, developed in collaboration with over 200 PhDs, MBAs and domain experts. As business increasingly evolves into a business of ideas, ThoughtOffice provides a bridge from the creative process to marketable products.

The ThoughtOffice creativity software suite is designed to help users:

* Install and get productive in less than 5 minutes * Develop an idea a minute * Craft a winning presentation in 10 minutes * Solve a big problem with precision in 30 minutes * Coach an executive in real-time * Make productivity soar

About ThoughtOffice ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Vancouver, Washington-based technology firm specializing in innovation and business process development. Since 1986, the company founders have successfully launched and sold nearly a dozen companies, from advertising to e-commerce, from software to laser display technology. To create ThoughtOffice, the development team interviewed over 800 innovators & business leaders, and apprenticed with Marsh Fisher, founder of IdeaFisher, and co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate. The resulting software freed brainstorming and innovation from the lab and made it practical for daily use in fields such as business process development, advertising, life coaching and strategic planning. The company can be reached by phone at 360-609-9272, or visit the web site ( for more information about purchasing ThoughtOffice products.

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About ThoughtOffice

ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Vancouver, Washington-based technology firm specializing in innovation and business process development.

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