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Miami, Florida (PressExposure) August 10, 2011 -- A fresh and new website focused entirely on hybrid bikes, analyzes them in depth- especially the performance as well as the longevity of the bikes - has launched.

The blog owner (Nolan Hill) explains just how the website came into existence and why it's taking an innovative path:

"I'm presently a college student however I also work within a bicycle retailer part-time that came with some fantastic benefits. The business I worked for would constantly order in the latest bicycles on the market, fortunately for me I had usage of nearly every one of them and I could put together and check many of these bikes to ensure that they were not broken or cracked."

Nolan states that his mind immediately struck an idea and the light bulb illuminated

"I wasn't really tech savvy whatsoever however I knew the best way to create a simple blog and writing was easy enough. It came to the mind that I could reach out and help many people with the internet using a straightforward website" Nolan says. Review websites are a fantastic source of information and facts and there are an endless number of them all on the internet. Having said that competition is fierce and you need to deliver something different to the table to stand out and draw in readers.

We asked Nolan exactly how he would handle these general basic facts. "I know bikes inside out and with my knowledge I know I am able to create the very best in depth reviews around so readers would having nothing but certainty down the road. Aside from that I've gathered a few other writers of great caliber, who know nearly as much as I do about bikes and with each other we have produced ideas that we intend on applying within the potential future"

Hybrid bicycles aren't the most used bikes out there and have always sold at a some what moderate velocity. They are bicycles which have related features of that of a road and mountain bike and are suitable for normal traveling. Once they initially came on the market they didn't particularly catch the flag of popularity. So we asked Nolan precisely why he made his website specifically for hybrids. "Most folks have a mistaken belief of hybrid bikes and they aren't exactly praised within the cycling community but people tend to forget to understand that these bikes are actually very well built and they supply the rider with the best of both worlds. I had created many goals which I planned to attain concurrently, the first had been to reach out to countless numbers with our reviews also, the second was to change the perceptions of these bicycles and to show people that numerous hybrids in the marketplace are equally as good as any good quality road bike."

Cycling keeps growing in global popularity and together with the aid of such evaluation websites people will definitely be capable of getting their money's worth. Nolan Hill's blog driven by hybrid bike reviews [] released officially on the 3rd of August and has since attracted numerous readers. We wish him the very best and we hope to discover more new innovative websites that assist the population in the future.

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