Instablogs Launches PHIP (Product Human Interaction Program)

Shimla, India (PressExposure) December 17, 2008 -- Instablogs today announced the launch of PHIP, a unique platform which helps companies to create buzz, develop community and generate market response for their product under one platform.

PHIP in short: Marketing your product over the internet and creating marketing buzz at the same time with a 4 steps buzz to get a happy customer.

The main motive behind production is the best possible output fetching maximum return. Often in a Co. sales find marketing not doing enough to make sales - lack of feedback and market research to know whether people liked the product or whether they wanted this product at all, are factors accountable for the misunderstanding.

The maker has the zeal to make, though not really sure on what to make or what the final consumer actually wants. So the product created is something that the maker is passionate about or something that he could make at least cost and usability given his available resources. So it all ends up with something that isn't actually well gulped by the majority in the market. The idea lies open in the market and the witty players in there take the opportunity making something more usefully appropriate for the consumers.

Thus, market research is essential for product development and evaluation procedures. The knowledge gained from assessed consumer demands and then addressing the product development process, will in the long run offer better market positions and business opportunities. Therefore, it is to create products with input gained from the public and the end users, who will actually use the make, thereby creating what they need in accordance to what can be made.

PHIP Motives: The producer needs to know what is needed, so that he can work on producing a product to taste and liking. Product Human Interaction Platform accumulates the educated users over the internet with available bloggers and citizen journalists creating a market buzz. Over the PHIP a producer has the opportunity to educate readers with their ideas through, video, images, description, brochure etc. Materializing over the vast community of users enjoyed by the instablogs, using PHIP the maker can get feedback from various segments of the globe, listening to what people have to say, what inputs people have and how the basic idea can be improvised upon. Working on which the producer has a product made for the people and their requirements and not for himself alone. Finally he has a happy customer and a best possible sale. What better marketing than a happy customer? More to it, the maker can run contests, offer free gifts, discounts, samples etc. In turn, it would help create your own brand community, and also induce a sense of belonging, facilitating future campaigns.

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