Instant Addiction Formula Now LIVE - Discover How to Get a Woman Addicted to You In 14 days

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) July 17, 2009 -- The wait is finally over. Andrew Wang, prestige author of Sync Dating has recently released his highly anticipated dating guide: Instant Addiction Formula. This will be a fully accredited life-changer for aspiring students who seek to skyrocket their mastery with women.

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After months of painstaking effort in brainstorming, writing, rewriting, and just polishing ever detail to the finest, here’s a glimpse into the melting pot of groundbreaking secrets that will help you keep a woman uncontrollably addicted to you.

1. Learn how to control a woman’s state of emotions – Ecstatic, curious, and even horny literally with a superior command in communication skills, which I will share with you.

2. Catapult your confidence meter until the measurement stick bursts. This is a new-level of confidence that will intimidate even the highest of authority figures such as other competing alpha-males and make the most respected individuals high up social ladder go weak in the knees.

3. Learn how to command the “Aphrodisiac Effect” and work it to your advantage. Make any woman of your desire stubbornly refuse to break-free from your presence, and remain barraged with thoughts of you throughout the day.

4. Dive into a swirling pool of not just maximizing your “perceived value”, but also “value-adding” a woman’s life. That is the Holy Grail to “keeping” a woman feverishly attracted to you.

5. Discover how you can “mentally massage” a woman with your personal and therapeutic humor. If you’ve read his articles on “becoming Chris Rock” funny, the chapter inside is the mother ship to humor-firing tactics.

6. Revamp your inner-charisma and likability that will attract more women, business opportunities, and career advancement. Better yet, I teach you how to “intrigue women” without EVEN saying a word or flinching a muscle.

7. You’ll uncover the art of attracting more women even by behaving ‘non-sexually.’

That’s just scratching the surface, but prepare for a massive identity level shift to where you are today.

Andrew also covers a range of unique core fundamentals to quadrupling your success with women such as...

Understanding why *flirting* with women is not even necessary when it comes to building attraction.

Powerful methods to signing the death sentence to your inner shyness and burying your anxiety approach for good.

How to stir up spontaneously attractive and meaningful conversations with women whenever, and wherever you wish.

Make sure you download your copy of Instant Addiction Formula today exclusively at http://www.instantaddictionformula

Your new and revamped dating lifestyle awaits you.

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Andrew Wang is a meteoric rising go-to dating instructor and CEO of Hip Hop music and Streetwear Fashion Company LUXLIVIN. Within a short span of years, he's changed the life of thousands of men online with powerful cutting edge dating advices that brought them extraordinary success with women.

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