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By submitting one dream through the Internet using the form you’ll find at after clicking the tab entitled Dream Translation, you’ll immediately learn its meaning, receiving also special psychotherapy by Christina Sponias, a student of Carl Jung who affirms that she continued his research in the human psyche through dream interpretation discovering a lot more, and simplifying his complicated method.

Sponias considers the dream translation as a professional translation from one language to the other, charging her clients as if she was simply translating a regular language made only by words to another similar language, even though she translates dream images into words, providing free psychotherapy to the dreamer after the translations.

Is only one dream enough for a full psychotherapy? In what aspects can a unique dream help someone?

Christina explains that we need a series of dreams for a full psychotherapy, but many times one single dream shows so much to the dreamer about his or her personality and life, that it gives them precious solutions for basic problems of their lives.

She teaches everyone how to translate their dreams by themselves in her ebooks and articles, but many people prefer to simply ask her directly their meanings instead of studying her method.

When I asked Christina if her method was already accepted by the scientific world, she said that even though she had already sent her ebooks to many organizations and doctors, she had only received a few answers from a few individuals, without official recognition.

She doesn’t seem to expect any recognition so soon, because her discoveries and statements prove that what many other scientists concluded about the meaning of dreams and their importance is totally wrong, which means that they will certainly avoid recognizing that she has found the right way to translate dreams.

Besides that, Christina was only a literature writer who became a psychologist and psychiatrist, able to cure grave mental illnesses like schizophrenia through dream interpretation only because she precisely followed Jung’s method, discovering a lot more, without even having such intentions.

She is a doctor that doesn’t come from universities, which is an obstacle for the recognition of the value of her work by the scientists of our time.

She delayed 19 years before publishing her ebooks online because she had to study a great deal, and give a great many explanations to the scientific world, besides having to cure many people during all this time, by instantly translating their dreams and providing them psychotherapy.

But, what is the psychotherapy after the dream translation?

Sponias explains that each dream is translated based on the symbolism of the dream images and on the dreamer’s biography. After the translation, she helps the dreamers understand why their problems were formed, and which the solutions for them are, thanks to the information given to them by the unconscious mind that produces the dreams.

Many times the translation of a single dream can prevent someone from making serious mistakes, or help them finally find their peace and happiness.

This seems to be an exciting experience! Now you can use the Internet to receive a fast scientific dream translation and psychotherapy at, among all the activities of your busy life.

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