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Sandton, South Africa (PressExposure) December 19, 2009 -- Human resources and security are two issues that constantly give managers sleepless nights. These two sectors have always been difficult hurdles to overcome in the growth of medium and large organisations. Until recently, options have been limited to manually managing attendance and time sheet records, but now technological innovations are paving the way for a new trend, called biometric solutions. This system is being used extensively for personnel management, security and access control, as well as for deducing measurements from living organisms, such as human beings, for example, in the ???. Unclear.

According to the RNCOS Global Biometric Forecast for 2012, the global biometric market will grow at a CGAR of 27 percent between 2010 and 2012 to exceed US$2 billion by the end of 2012. This technology is, however, still in an embryonic stage and very few organisations have the capability and investment to introduce next-generation biometric solutions.

One such organisation, however, is Integral Fusion, a leading technology and services company. Its solutions have been recognised worldwide and its success within the industry is based on the benefits of security, flexibility, user-friendliness, increased productivity, HR management and long-term cost-saving that the company offers.

Integral Fusion is known for doing things differently. While other organisations are developing individual solutions for attendance, visitor management and time-tracking, Integral has developed a single solution to address the end-to-end human resources and security needs of a wide range of organisations. Broadly speaking, the system performs three vital tasks.

Log In & Log Out - This provides the basic functionality to maintain the in-and-out clocking of employees, which can be viewed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It takes care of new employees, ex-employees, de-registrations and the administration of system settings. The system addresses the risk of losing data while transporting documents from one location to another. Integral's biometric time clocks completely eliminate the phenomenon known as 'buddy punching', where employees punch a friend's timecard to manipulate the payroll system, if the friend is arriving late, leaving early, or taking extra lunches. Even for small organisations with less than 20 employees, buddy punching can cost thousands of dollars, per annum. This system makes life so much simpler for organisations managing multiple locations, zones, departments and groups.

Time and Attendance - It provides additional, advanced functionality for schedule management and people tracking by monitoring access and shift times, attendance and enrolment settings. It saves the HR department hours of manually tabulating work hours, keeping track of tardiness and dealing with payroll disputes. Mainly used for tracking and producing real-time reports for analysis by management, as well as collating personnel information, the solution allows managers to build a clear picture of employee time by means of detailed data and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexi-balances and holiday leave. Completely configurable, the solution can be accurately and consistently applied to every organisation's unique pay rules and policies, and is fully compliant with legislation, such as the Working Time Directive.

Visitor Tracking- This module primarily takes care of visitor enrolment and tracking on the basis of defined access for visitors in different zones. It maintains the clocking of each visitor who enters the organisation's premises and provides a complete log on, among others, the purpose of the visit, time in, time out and the person visited. So, when the same person visits the premises again, the device automatically grants permission.

Furthermore, the solution, built on C# and .Net 3.5 framework System Security, lends itself fully to customisation at user and group level. It can add an unlimited number of biometric reader devices at different zones and provide all collected data on a centralised page. Integral's application is scalable and accurate, and backs up all files for security purposes.

While Biometrics has gained popularity, this must be placed in perspective. Saving time and money by regulating working hours and increasing security can also be addressed by conventional identification systems. Biometric technology is, however, invaluable for its features of access control and real-time reports for the analysis and elimination of buddy punching. The long-term cost-saving of not having to issue badge cards, tagging devices or barcode cards is also mission-critical in the modern work environment.

Speaking on the same, Noel Deyzel, Managing Director of Integral Fusion says, "Not many have proper guidance on biometrics and its usage. Organisations buy a biometric device and then buy whatever software comes with it, ignoring their specific human resource and security needs. Ideally, one should rather look for software that can cater for multiple devices, implement one's security and access control systems according to one's requirements, and then go out to find the appropriate biometric devices. We at Integral Fusion have understood this concern and have worked towards creating an application that would inherently integrate all modules in one place. This would allow organisations to adopt new technologies in future, without losing on investment in the installation of software and training. One needs to remember that software is the store-room for the intellectual capital regarding personnel and security processes. Investing in the right software will make the change to biometric systems more affordable in the long run," he continues.

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