Intellectual Property Development: Software Helps Generate Dozens Of Ideas Per Hour, Protects IP

, (PressExposure) November 13, 2008 -- Intellectual property is a hot-button issue as never before. But how does a company protect its intellectual property (IP) against theft or copying? Increasingly, software can help make developing, branding, protecting, and productizing new ideas much easier and faster. A seasoned entrepreneur, who has spent years in the creative trenches, now offers a software solution that helps those in the business of creating and protecting intellectual property.

"We believe that if you can develop an abundance of creative ideas, then quickly arrange them using this strategic process, you have the keys to both the productive and creative realms," says Mark Alan Effinger, founder of ThoughtOffice, makers of ThoughtOffice software. "The combination of many dissimilar but related associations can create an avalanche of new and unique ideas. One idea, an amalgam of two disparate concepts, can and has many billion-dollar applications. Now we've harnessed that 'associative thinking' concept to help others find similar solutions."

Staying creative - and helping users enhance their creativity - is what Mr. Effinger intends to accomplish with his unique software. The program, creativity software that has taken years to develop, relies on massive online databases of popular slogans, words, images and phrases, yielding over 8,177,000 associations, and 13,700 professionally-crafted queries and process steps, designed to prompt the creative response of any user.

"This software has proven to develop more ideas in an hour than most individuals can develop without it in a day," says Effinger. "There are extensive papers written on the creative process and how ThoughtOffice [and its predecessor program, IdeaFisher] quickly escalates the creativity of an individual or group, helping to deliver many new or otherwise 'missed' ideas by means of the associative thinking process. So instead of complaining about a limited number of ideas, users can be secure in the fact that they now have an unlimited resource of new thoughts and concepts on tap 24 x 7."

In addition to providing considerable leverage to the brainstorming process, allowing the generation of many more new ideas, the ThoughtOffice software also incorporates safeguards against idea piracy. ( ) Every ThoughtOffice brainstorming session can be labeled with the name of its originator, and sessions can also be password protected.

"In interviewing thousands of creatives over the last two decades, one of the most common things I've heard is the classic 'they stole my idea'," says Mr. Effinger. "This program helps those individuals protect their ideas, but even more importantly, to begin seeing the bigger picture... to realize that new ideas are available by the bushel. It's the implementation, and then the expert delivery of those ideas to the market, that will set them apart. ThoughtOffice can help anyone conceive, develop and then implement - drive an idea to success in the market. That's what we're all about".

ThoughtOffice creativity, brainstorming, writing and problem solving programs include an integrated word, image and phrase Association Engine capable of developing over 8,177,000 unique associations, and plug-in eXpertTopic Modules that allow users to drill-down in specific areas ( ) such as Advertising, Writing and Project Evaluation. The modules are available either a la carte or in pre-configured bundles, and can be added to the main ThoughtOffice program at any time.

About ThoughtOffice: is a developer and marketer of creativity software providing creative solution platforms for executives, life coaches, instructors and consultants. Based in Vancouver, WA, the company has been creating and managing technology and fast-growth companies since 1998, from Irvine, California to Vancouver, British Columbia. The company can be reached at, by e-mail at or by calling 360-450-6888. Press Release submission By PressReleasePoint


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