Internet Marketing: New Online Gospel Revealed at the Midwest Super Conference by Former Youth Pastor

Twin Cities, MN (PressExposure) August 28, 2006 -- Cottage Grove, MN (PRWEB) August 23, 2006 -- Jeff Mills, along with 11 of the top internet marketing experts, will reveal systems and secret techniques that they have used to create financial success using the Internet at the Midwest Super Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 29, 30 and October 1, 2006.

Having gone to Bible College, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada then to Seminary to earn his Masters of Divinity in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Jeff is an unlikely person to teach others about marketing on the Internet – he has no formal training in the business field and he definitely feels like an underdog. He has learned most of his success principles by attending seminars and conferences himself and then by taking action and applying the specialized knowledge.

However, that’s part of Jeff’s phenomenal success – he believes that anyone can do what he does, as long as they take the time to get specialized knowledge too, and then act on that knowledge.

Jeff’s success on the Internet is widely known, and he is also known for his ability to individually connect with people – many who have never even met him as he uses automated technology over the internet. In fact, people buy and spend thousands of dollars with Jeff – just from reading his emails, watching his videos and perusing his audio based websites.

Harold Simpson says this about Jeff, "Almost an overnight change when I applied what I learned from one of Jeff Mills’ training calls – within 4 days, I generated $4,000 in sales."

One premise that Jeff lives by is the belief that all people matter to God, and when a person shows loyalty to people, in turn, they show loyalty back to you. He believes that is a strong factor in why people are repeat customers – there is a strong sense of loyalty, caring and a strong belief in who Jeff Mills is and what he does to help and teach others.

Jeff was first a pioneer in using Podcasts to get his message out to others, and was one of the first authors to publish a book about Podcasting plus he was one of the first internet marketers to begin using podcasts to teach people about online marketing.

He is always looking to find new ways of marketing his message and sharing his methods so that everyone can achieve financial success from the Internet.

That was the catalyst that created the idea for the Midwest Super Conference.

"Why do a big event in the Midwest? People would ask me," said Jeff, "I tell them because this is the heartland. Everyone always goes to crowded and expensive places in Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Orlando, paying $2,000-$5,000 to attend Marketing Seminars, but there are over 20 million people in an 8 hour drive from us here in Minneapolis, and I know there is a huge amount of people who would come to an event close by them, at a great cost savings, who would love to put my teachings to the test and apply my guests powerful strategies."

Jeff truly believes that everyone has the ability to achieve financial success, plus he knows that most people have never been formally or informally trained on how to successfully market their products and services online.

Terry Teel states that, "Jeff has 'the heart of a teacher.' He wants to help newbies achieve that success."

Along the road to success, Jeff has met many mentors and gurus that have shown him the way and given him access to the specialized knowledge that has opened this door for him to become a stay home dad, and spend a lot of time with his wife and daughter traveling the world and doing the things that they love the most.

Many of the people Jeff learned from are now speaking at his event as Jeff’s distinguished millionaire faculty.

Jeff has invited 11 of his top Internet colleagues and friends, who have all achieved incredible financial wealth, to speak and teach at the Midwest Super Conference.

Each of these speakers has found a creative a way to use the Internet to make money, and they are willing to spend their time showing you how to do the very same thing - all in three very informative days.

"It’s really exciting to share the stage with some of my mentors and the top legends of Internet Marketing as a peer," said Jeff, "Plus these gurus normally charge upwards of $500 to $2,000 an hour for people to get to them, and at my event, you can eat with them, listen to them speak, and learn so much in so little time…all at an amazingly low price. It is really phenomenal!"

Jeff has chosen these individuals carefully and knows that they share his belief that everyone is capable of achieving business growth and financial independence, if shown the proper tools and given the specialized knowledge.

Jeff Mills grew up surfing the waves of Huntington Beach in Southern California and has made over $1.3 Million in sales online in the last 3 years. Life was not always easy, and money was not always plentiful. Jeff took a long time before he found out how to make money on the Internet, while he was serving in a church in N. Minneapolis as a Youth Pastor, and he was frustrated knowing that a lot of people out there simply wanted to take his money and sell him junk.

He now has found a better way to make money, and he wants to share his wisdom.

The Midwest Super Conference will allow you to meet Jeff Mills, hear his story, and listen to his excellent teachings on marketing. You will also meet his millionaire friends, who want you to succeed as well.

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