Internet Profits Stolen for High Street Retailers

Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 10, 2008 -- The Cabinet Maker recently published an article on the 16th November that discussed the furniture trade in relation to Internet Sales which stated “…Web consultant Webcredible expects lost Retail revenue to total £100 Million before the end of 2007”.

The article went on to discuss that Online shopping will hit £40 Billion this year with WEB spending expected to rise to £162 Billion by 2020.

Very impressive figures! If you’re an Internet only Furniture supplier/Website, the future appears very bright. NOT so promising if you are a retailer with overheads and sales staff to pay!

So what is the solution? Well, here at Montague Gower we have racked our brains as to how we could play a part in the Internet revolution without treading on the toes of our current loyal customers. After many months of throwing around various ideas we believe we have a solution that will not only help us as a company to ‘Get a piece of the pie’ but also allow our customers to benefit! Hopefully a ‘WIN WIN Situation’.

We have also researched who visits our current website and have broken them down into three distinct groups, namely the following:

1. The, Where can I go to see your furniture in a shop brigade.

2. The, I don’t have time to trawl round shops looking for my new (desk/table etc) so I’ll search around the Internet, find what I like and order it online and wait for it to be delivered Brigade. We have dubbed them the ‘Cash Rich, Time Poor group’.

3. And lastly, (and thankfully they are a small minority) the people who contact us and try and buy the piece Direct, cheaper than in a shop. (for reference they get clearly told which is their nearest retailer where they can buy it from and NO, we don’t sell direct to the public! At the moment!)

So how does this information help us to win some of the lost Internet business back for the Retailer?

Well what we propose to do is as follows:

1. Set up a website with our RRP clearly stated for the public to see. It will be a full E-Commerce site where the public will be able to purchase the piece of their choice. Ideal for our Cash Rich, Time Poor Group!

2. We will then Send a confirmation out to that customer AND, also one to the retailer in their area!

3. Now, here’s the Good bit! We will pay the retailer to receive the desk/table etc and deliver it to the customer. (Also good advertising for you when your delivery driver turns up at the customer’s house with your name on the side of the van!) So how much? Well, the normal profit you would have made had that Cash Rich, Time Poor group have come into your shop! The only difference is we will deduct 3% for Credit card charges and 10% for administration/ costs of the e-commerce site. So you will receive 87% of the profit from each transaction!

4. Did we mention that this will not be in the form of a credit note or similar but in HARD CASH in the form of a Cheque from Montague Gower Furniture?

So what will Retailers have to do to be involved in the scheme? We ask the following:

• That a retailer orders one of our desks, this will allow them to exhibit one of our catalogue lecterns in their shop (the lectern is FREE).

• Order two other pieces of furniture for a display (the choice is yours!). The benefit of this is to CATCH group number 1, the people who want to go to a shop and buy in the conventional way and who are the people that Montague Gower will normally refer to your shop from the website (The, I want to visit a shop and see it before I buy brigade). Obviously, if you already have a Montague Gower Display it won’t cost you a thing!

• A ‘Text link’ from your website to [] (details of what to put will be available when you sign up, we can even arrange to have this done for you if you prefer). This will improve our search engine rankings for key words. Thus increasing our exposure on the internet in Search Engine Searches and also your Traditional Furniture profits by Stealing traffic from INTERNET ONLY companies! Subsequently routing Furniture profits back into the High Street and away from the Internet!

A recent sector report on the Furniture Industry in Europe by ‘Verdict Research’ ( stated that “…retailers should use the Internet as an opportunity to portray themselves, differentiate from the competition and ultimately drive footfall to their bricks and mortar outlets”.

With this in mind, we believe our New Internet Strategy will empower Furniture Retailers to increase their Traditional Furniture Profits and ‘liberate’ business back from the Internet, without the need for them to make significant investments in E-Commerce websites.

About Montague Gower Furniture

Montague Gower Furniture is a UK based Furniture Manufacturer producing Classical English Reproduction Furniture [].

To find out more about their NEW Internet Strategy for combating lost profits to the Internet visit their Web page at [] .

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