Interview With The Creator of "Unlimited Futures", A Holistic Stress Management Course

New Delhi, India (PressExposure) February 19, 2012 -- Bobbie Stevens first shot to limelight with the publication of her book "Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want". The book was the result of her own life experiences and her research into understanding as to why some people are more successful in their lives, while others are not.

She also came to understand a curious fact , that contrary to popular notions, more successful individuals are also less stressed!

Subsequently she developed a stress management course "Unlimited Futures: The Core Course". The course is meant to go beyond the cliched approach to stress management, and seeks to take a holistic approach to the entire personality. The course unfolds the creative potential on all levels - physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It releases the accumulated stress from our systems and strengthens all aspects of personality, thereby giving one more clarity and insight into the workings of one's own mind.

In other words, it empowers one to operate at a new level of energy, besides enabling one to discover true relationships and create happiness in one's personal life.

During her interview she offered all this and many more fresh and interesting insights into her holistic stress management course, which is now also available online.

She reveals in this interview that stress accumulated over a period of time blocks our mind/body system, and prevents us from using our complete potential. It effects every area of our life - health, profession, our relationships with others. Though our mind/body system has got the capability to heal itself, but stress prevents it from doing so. The Core Course teaches those techniques that help one release stress, heals one at all the levels and helps one reach the stage known to psychologists as Self Actualization.

A self actualized person knows his true potential, always performs at optimum levels, is free from tensions and worries, is happy and is deeply contented with his life. He enjoys good relationships with others, and is able to give and receive love.

Bobbie Stevens also shares her insights with readers on how The Core Course should be studied and practiced to get maximum advantage out of it.

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