Intimacy: What Is Your Way of Making Love?

Balmain, Australia (PressExposure) February 27, 2012 -- Love is a feeling while lovemaking is an act but lovemaking starts with feeling of love. Sex starts from mind which sends electronic signals to the genitals to be ready for the big act. The genitals in response prepare other body parts for lovemaking. If you don't love your partner then you can never experience orgasm when loving her. Similar, if your partner doesn't love you then she won't take full participation in sex. "Everyone wants intimacy with their partners and it is strange to know that people use love accessories to arise their sexual desire but little do they know that sex gears work well when you are ready for sex", said the owner of a website that offers sex education.

Today's generation need to educate itself on love and how to do lovemaking. Today's fast lifestyle has nothing to give other than stress and tension. A stressed husband and a tired wife can never make love but they can feel intimacy. "Sex is not about doing but it is about feeling the presence of others. You want to be in the company of your wife because you love her. Similarly she wants to remain close to your because she loves you. If you want to make love then your priority should be to refresh your mind and help your wife feel relaxed", said the website owner.

Internet is full of sex websites but actually they are stores that sell products and apparels that you can use during lovemaking. But our website is different as it teaches how to make love and when to use sex toys. "Love accessories do help in intimacy but you shouldn't depend on them as you are capable of lovemaking without the use of sex toys", said the website owner. Love accessories should be used to spice up your bedroom activities and not to start your activities. A wide range of sex toys are available and each toy is made to fulfill a specific purpose. You need to educate yourself about the functionality and usability of different sex toys only then you can choose the right sex toy for you.

Our website disseminates quality sex education and also provides an opportunity to interact with sex experts. You can take experts advice and enjoy intimacy with your partner. "This website is a sex library that not only offers sex literature but also sex toys and apparels and tips", said the website owner.

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