Into The Presence Recreate The Fabled Rock Of Ages With Their First Full-Length Self-Titled Album


Featuring Tim Alexander (Primus), prodigy guitarist Luis Maldonado, the earthy and steady bass of Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle) and sister Ana Lenchantin (Gnarls Barkley, Trent Reznor, The Eels) on cello.

“’Into The Presence” is superlative progressive rock and one of the best rock albums of the year.” Washington Post

Into the Presence is the long-awaited spark ignited by the joint effort between drummer Tim Alexander and guitarist/vocalist Luis Maldonado. The pair have now released their first full-length, self-titled album on Razor & Tie. Into the Presence is a 10-track odyssey of tunes which were recorded in true analog (tape machines and vintage outboard gear) creating a sweeping musical journey that is stripped down in its instrumentation but grand in its sonic landscape. The end result is an instantly accessible yet deceptively complex, dynamic rock record that gives a nod to rock’s past glories while creating a totally new and fresh statement.

“While we were recording in the studio we had a number of other-worldy experiences,” says Maldonado in an interview with (referring to Tim Alexander’s studio in Jerome, Arizona, ghost town of lore). “We always felt like there was a presence around us. There were whispers everywhere. It was interesting and bizarre at the same time. We would have bottles of water and one would be frozen and the rest would be fine. It was my idea after that whole experience to call the band Presence and rest of the band suggested that we call it Into the Presence.”

This otherworldly dynamic echoes throughout the album and resonates through their eclectic sound. Tim Alexander brings along his drumming expertise honed in heavy sounds. Luis Maldonado taps into his guitar virtuosity conjuring arpeggios and clever harmonies for songs like the accusatory and cathartic “End Game.” Into the Presence is truly the work of a celebrated pairing.

Luis Maldonado executes expert tremolo with a vocal range exploring heights akin to rock greats Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant, particularly in tracks like “Lovers.” With a dash of The Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s stylistic hooks, Maldonado has created an exceptional vocal experience. He’s built on his classical guitar training and expanded it with classic rock sounds of the late-60’s and early-70’s.

Into the Presence’s sound is a revamped version of the stuff rock legends are made of. Still, they’ve managed to stamp their personal signature into this debut by making good use of all analog resources and vintage gear. Tim Alexander and Luis Maldonado enveloped their sound with a sense of rock antiquity. Their album became a reflection of vocals straight out of A Night at the Opera and instrumentation akin to Dark Side of the Moon. Into the Presence recreates that primordial time when rock found its bearings and took hold on the emerging scene for the rest of time.

“We thought about when those [records] were made and what they had access to,” explains Maldonado. “All those records sound amazing, but everything on there is an honest sound.” It’s the fidelity to that sound which drives Into the Presence and makes them such a unique act. “We recorded this album on a two-inch analog format so there was no digital,” continues Maldonado in the RockWired interview. “There was no cutting and pasting or auto-tuning. The recording is an honest documentation of what went on in the studio.”

Maldonado’s almost surreal vocals soar over the heavy rock riffs while the harmonious humming of cellist Ana Lenchantin’s pairs perfectly with her sister, Paz Lenchantin, contributing bass. Clearly, Into the Presence promises to stake their place amongst the band’s very own rock heroes.

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