Introducing "Anatomy of Frustration" - Belgian Pastor, Motivational Speaker, and Personal Development Author Launches His Latest E-Book

Woluwe-saint-lambert, Belgium (PressExposure) December 18, 2009 -- A Belgian pastor, motivational speaker, success facilitator, and author, Richard Onebamoi, is offering his latest e-book in the personal development niche. He is Founder, President, and Senior Pastor of Living Stone World Worship Centre International as well as Chief Executive Facilitator of Success Empowerment Trainings and Seminars S.E.T.S™ which helps individuals reach their potential. Onebamoi developed “The Anatomy of Frustration: Discover How to Transform Frustration into Creative Opportunities and Unlock the Power to Succeed” after observing parishioners and clients using negative strategies for dealing with frustration. The e-book aims to provide real-world strategies for overcoming the negative effects of frustration and transforming its energy into positive results.

Everyone experiences frustration from time to time when we don’t get our own way or things don’t work as planned. It allows us to release some energy and then get back to working on another solution. It’s when frustration becomes a way of life that it starts to cause real problems for people and their loved ones. As Onebamoi observed “chronic frustration takes on a life of its own. It begins to affect not only the person experiencing it but their spouse, children, friends, co-workers, and employer. Frustration causes stress, anger, anxiety, aggression, illness, and depression in many individuals. It is my goal to help people overcome frustration and show them how to recognize the growth opportunities lingering below the surface. You can’t achieve your life goals if you are constantly frustrated at your results.”

The book covers everything from what frustration is to strategies for dealing with its effects. As Onebamoi puts it, “In the first part of the book I’ve provided insights as to what frustration is, it’s “real” causes, the mental and physical health effects, overcoming the fear associated with frustration, and how to avoid stress and burnout. I then focus on the strategies of dealing with frustration including evaluating expectations, removing limiting beliefs, adjusting your attitude, changing your focus, recognizing growth opportunities, and finally, how to persevere in spite of frustrating emotions. He continued, “You see, frustration becomes a habit if it is not dealt with appropriately. As each attempt at a solution (to a problem) results in failure, the frustrated individual gives up and develops an “I-can’t” mentality. This frustration causes more stress, anger, and negativity while leaving the individual in an even weaker state for achieving their life goals. My program shows them how to break the frustration habit and harness its energy for achievement. It’s the same strategies I use personally and teach to my clients…it works.”

The “Anatomy of Frustration: Discover How to Transform Frustration into Creative Opportunities and Unlock the Power to Succeed” was written to help individuals in dealing with frustration and to use its underlying messages as a call-to-action for goal attainment. It aims to help in overcoming anger, disappointment, anxiety, and depression when it comes to dealing with life’s setbacks and failures. For a limited time, there are 3 unadvertised bonus e-books with every purchase. A free email series is available for those wanting more information on dealing with frustration. For more information, visit [].

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Richard Onebamoi is a pastor, life coach, motivational speaker, author and success facilitator. He is also the founder and chief executive facilitator of Success Domain Int'l, the home of Success Empowerment Trainings & Seminars (S.E.T.Sâ„¢). He is empowering individuals to unlock the power to succeed and helping them reach their potential. Go here to: Discover Proven Strategies for Dealing with Frustration

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