Introducing the 'Across the Great Divide' Workshops for Activists

Denver, Colorado (PressExposure) October 25, 2006 -- October 24, 2006, Denver -- Paul Sterling and Kristin Denton of the Language of Peace are pleased to announce a new, two-hour workshop designed specifically for activists: “Across the Great Divide.”

This workshop covers how to communicate effectively with people who oppose our values—to communicate in a way that models the peaceful world we would all like to live in. Learn to discuss issues like war, abortion rights, immigration, the environment and gay marriage in a way that will change the other person’s mind at a visceral level. Yes, this is possible!

Learn how to use the 4 Steps to Social Change, based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg ( 1. Heal thyself, 2. Give empathy to the ‘enemy’, 3. Make a clear and present request, and 4. Give appreciation. These four steps the participants to achieve the following:

- Get the other person to want to listen
- Keep the conversation open and alive, instead of shut off and angry
- Let the other person know you understand, even if you don’t agree
- Avoid attacking or being defensive

The class is taught by dynamic communications coaches Paul Sterling and Kristin Denton of ‘The Language of Peace.’ Kristin and Paul provide compassionate coaching in communication and relationship skills with the intent of creating harmony in relationships and communities for this and generations to come.

Paul Sterling previously served as the U.S. delegate to the Soviet American citizen Summit and Peace Dialogue in Moscow. After a career as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, he has spent 20 years studying and teaching communication skills in government, business and private practice. Paul developed his method of The Language of Peace after studying the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication. He blended NVC with systems theory, neuro-linguistic programming, and Ericsonian hypnosis to create an incredibly effective way to compassionately connect with oneself and others. His website is [] .

Kristin Denton has been an instructor of language, literature and communication for the last 17 years in factory, service industry, and public school settings. She is trained in second language acquisition theory and instructional design. She is Paul’s life partner and joins him in presenting his communication method. Her website is [] .

This workshop was presented to the Estes Park Patriots for Peace during the "Declaration of Peace" campaign. This is a national effort by dozens of religious and social justice groups to end the war in Iraq. The president of the Patriots for Peace, Mary Ellen Garrett, remarked about the workshop, "Our group has really benefited from the 'Language of Peace' training that Kristin and Paul gave us. At every event since this training, people are mentioning how we are using what we learned to listen and communicate with more empathy. Kristin and Paul have a real gift for teaching skills that we need for peacemaking." In addition, the training was a vehicle for creating dialogue around what exactly the group wanted to request from the people with whom they interacted. Did they want people to sign a petition, read a flier, vote a certain way? This discussion helps clarify the intent of the group in their activities.

The workshop was also presented at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Buddhist Christian Interfaith Community in Denver. This is a group of local citizens who, as Rev. Cook explains, “...gather together from differing faith perspectives (Buddhist, Christian, and various others). We remain rooted in our own traditions without the compulsion to force common ground. Without the need to defend our own turf, we are profoundly challenged by one another's wisdom, delighting in mutual enhancement.” For more information on the Interfaith Community and Reverend Toni Cook’s work, visit .

If you are interested in having Paul and Kristin present this workshop to your group or organization, please contact them at or 970-586-7734. They will gladly consider all possibilities.

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