Introducing the World Class Business Woman of the Year Kalisha Ruffin

Detroit, MI (PressExposure) February 19, 2009 -- Over the course of the last couple of years; chronicles like these has become less visible in the everyday newscast. So, we thought we would make a change and bring it back.

Today’s story is centered on Ms. Kalisha Ruffin who is an inhabitant of the magnificent city of Detroit, where she has been awarded the, “World Class Business Woman” award in which she recently received earlier this year from numerous Fortune Five Hundred Companies.

So you are probably questioning, “Who is this Kalisha Ruffin?” Other than being a civilian of Detroit, Kalisha is an activist with several volunteer organizations ranging from the Make –A- Wish Foundation, to even more touching task; like being a part-time volunteer with the local hospice center.

Even more exciting – Kalisha is the owner of several businesses in the state of Michigan. One of those companies is a mind-bobbling Exotic Rental car company located in the geographic area of Ann Arbor, MI; by the name of Exotic Rentals of MI. I personally visited this store, and mark my word – If you are looking for that dream car, you need to look no further. Exotic Rentals is as you probably guessed an exotic car rental company. Specializing in the long-short term rentals of various vehicles ranging from, Lexus – Bentley.

Next in the line-up is, Sky Limitation Productions, Inc. Now, this is the company that is drawing the most attention. The reason being is, Sky Limitation Productions, Inc. is Michigan’s second largest productions studio; which will be making its grand open in late June. The company is expecting to hire a minimum of three – thousand people. When we asked Ms. Ruffin, what it is that inspires her to continue to be a good sport she arrogantly responded:

“A long time ago I knew that I had one life, one life to live, one life to be successful, and one life to be that person I’ve always dreamt of being, and no one can ever take that away from me, because these were values instilled in me from the very beginning of existence.”

Lastly, Ms. Ruffin will be the owner of the forthcoming;

“Children of Miracles Foundation” - a non-profit organization that central assignment is to motivate children and young adults, that have come from dysfunctional families and homes.

Ms. Ruffin, stated; “Children and young adult are the light of our tomorrow. I don’t see this foundation as a job, I see it as a responsibly of every successful and aspiring adult. ‘I do know that it is possible to change the world with simply one random act of kindness at a time.’ That’s why I always offer a place in if not my home, my corporations for recovering and recovered drug-abusers, and convicts.”

She further proceeded to say,

“Life is too short to worry about yesterday; instead we need to focus on tomorrow, and next week.”

In her earlier years of life, Ms. Ruffin was a homeschooled student; under the direction of her lovely mother Mrs. Donne Buchanan. In which I had the honorary opportunity to meet, and I must admit after this meeting – I became a firm believer of the saying;

“Mothers are much sweeter than any honeycomb you could ever have.” Mrs. Buchanan is a faithful employee of the Wayne County Road and Maintenance System, in which according to her is truly an experience. I would like to say, “Hats Off” to Mrs. Buchanan as she is also a dedicated mother of four other children, in which all have excellent living conditions for themselves.

I asked Mrs. Buchanan, “Why is it that you have a daughter that’s C.E.O. of several, another daughter that’s an imminent doctor, and you work Road Construction, Mrs. Buchanan quickly educated me by saying,

“I am a single parent, has always been a single mom, and God willing I will continue to be a single mom, I say that exclusively for the factors, that during my ordeal of raising my children – I have found myself to be extremely blessed and highly favored, and I do believe that I can relate to many other single mothers, by saying – ‘A single mom have to do what she have to do – to make ends meet’. Nevertheless she did assure me, that it will not be very long before retirement.”

With all of this success, between the children and parent I think it would still be fair to say that family is and always will be first, for these relatives.

I would like to personally congratulate every member of the Ruffin, Curry, Carter, Buchanan, and Monroe family for their superb job of hoisting such exceptional member of this family.

Who knows? In maybe another 4 to 8 years, we may just have a President of the United States, departing from this domicile of love, admiration, and inclusive accomplishments.

In closing, there is one thing this whole family agrees on – “They are more than Conquerors”.

Ms. Ruffin would like to honor the following people: God Who’s the Head of My Life My Mother Mrs. Donne Buchanan My Grandmother Mrs. Lois Monroe My Sister Ms. Kavena Smith My Father Mr. Bobby Ruffin My Auntie Ms. Susan Carter And most notably my pastor and first lady: Mr. Gary D. Hooks, Sr. and Mrs. Angela Hooks, and the entire parishioner of the Fountain of Life Community Church of God in Christ.

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About Kalisha Ruffin/Sky Limitation Productions, Inc.

Special Thanks to: Toyota Motor Credit for making this discharge possible.

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