Invaluable New Book for Entrepreneurs- Essential Assistant in Every Stage of Business Development

New York, NY (PressExposure) May 07, 2013 -- The Law Firm of Ekaterina Mouratova, PLLC announces the publication of a unique book - Business Law for Entrepreneurs. A Legal Guide to Doing Business in the United States.( The book is published as an e-book and paperback.

The book is an invaluable assistant to entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and other professionals involved in the business transaction and operation. Business law governs all commercial activities and business people deal with it on a daily basis even when they do not realize it. Ignorance of the applicable laws and regulations can ruin even the best business concepts and established companies. Precise knowledge of the playing field, on the other hand, brings clarity, stability, flexibility, and success. It allows market participants to make calculated decisions instead of uneducated guesses and costly mistakes.Having the right information at the right time makes the difference between success and failure.

The book covers a broad range of subjects, including business formation, daily operations, contracts, intellectual property matters, real estate, regulatory compliance, litigation strategies and many others depending on the industry. It was prepared to serve as a reference guide in every stage of the business development, from start-up to the further functioning of the company.

For the fraction of the cost of legal consultation the readers can get necessary information anytime. The book reviews current business law, followed by explanations, examples, and practical solutions. It does not overwhelm with jargon, legalese, or extremely technical details. Straightforward presentation of the material makes this book easily understandable to people of different educational and professional backgrounds.

After reading this book the entrepreneurs will gain knowledge and confidence in their business endeavors. They will be able to plan the development of their companies. They will be certain about their rights and interests. They will have better relationships with their employees, business partners and other market participants. They will be able to concentrate on their business activities without forced interruptions. They will save valuable resources for a higher purpose than meaningless daily struggles. They will know what is needed to succeed. They will have a completely new perspective on the business and legal world.

The book can be bought on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

About Ekaterina Mouratova, Esq.: Ekaterina holds law degrees from Pyatigorsk State Technological University (Russia) and Pace University School of Law (New York, USA). Before becoming an attorney Ekaterina was a business owner herself. Having been on the clients' side of business transactions, she understands from the practical perspective what is essential for increasing business development and at the same time protecting the rights and interests of its owners. Passionate about the law and very dedicated to her profession, Ekaterina is a frequent speaker at seminars and author of multiple publications on business law. Ekaterina authored this book with an intension to give access to critical knowledge to a wide audience.

Summary: The business attorney Ekaterina Mouratova, Esq. publishes an invaluable legal guidance book for entrepreneurs and anybody who may be involved in business transactions and operations - Business Law for Entrepreneurs. A Legal Guide to Doing Business in the United States. The book covers a full range of legal matters related to business practices, from start-up to every stage of a company's life-cycle. For the fraction of the cost of legal consultation the readers will get necessary information anytime the need emerges by referring to this book.

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