Is Biltmore Who's Who a Scam?

Hollywood, Florida (PressExposure) June 10, 2009 -- Or a legitimate –and necessary - tool to promote yourself and your business in this new digital age? Separating the myths about Biltmore from the real facts may surprise you. Below a NY-based Chamber of Commerce President comments on his experiences with Biltmore, along with several other professionals. Read their stories: then decide for yourself whether Biltmore Who’s Who is a scam.

According to Alex Gallego, his Biltmore membership has more than lived up to its promise. This local Chamber of Commerce President runs a Long Island, NY-based branch of a national investment firm and has only glowing reports about the firm he says helped him shape his professional brand identity and brought him deeper credibility online that his clients noticed - and respected.

“If you are a serious business owner trying to brand yourself, you cannot overlook the power of Biltmore Who’s Who. I’ve recommended them to friends: not a single one has returned, saying it wasn’t worthwhile.”

Many successful professionals seem to agree with Alex: each profiled below was formally invited to join the Registry and now proudly attest to their positive experiences for all to see at

- Pam Robertson, MBA and Senior Contracts Representative with Bell Helicopter Textron Incorporated says: “I am already receiving requests and recognition for my press release…my university has asked me to write a featured article for the alumni catalog. I am extremely happy with the results so far and fully expect to have more great results.”

- Captain Tom Cleary, State-Commissioned Pilot and Captain in Houston, TX recalls: “I first became member of Biltmore in early January 2006. Let me state that indeed people are taking notice of Biltmore Who's Who. Since my membership, I have made some positive contacts with other members which have lead me to my involvements in great business ventures as well as recognition.”

- Jacksonville Advertising Executive Vickey L. Lloyd, describes herself as “a very happy member. My membership has been such a successful event. I listed it on my company profile and my clients keep asking me about it. They are very impressed with this honor: it gives me strong credibility in my field.”

But what about those that claim Biltmore Who’s Who is a scam? “I joined and it didn’t work for me.” Alex scoffs at remarks like these: “Like anything else in this life, you get out exactly what you put in. The Biltmore team does their part 100% – they’ll blast your name out there and do everything they can to make you a known entity where it counts most– online at Google and on other search engines. But if you do nothing to capitalize on it, you’ll get nothing in return. If you leverage your publicity in creative ways –to build your brand, your reputation, your standing within the community, you’ll definitely see results.”

“I’m unemployed and received one of these qualification letters: doesn’t that prove Biltmore Who’s Who is a scam?” Surprisingly, less than 5% of American adults actually qualify to receive a Biltmore invitation, based upon the committee’s stringent professional and financial criteria. But the Biltmore team is the first to candidly admit that once in a while, an unfortunate mistake is made. An invitation is sent to someone who shouldn’t qualify, due to outdated or erroneous data. “This is exactly why we mandate that a personal interview be conducted by an authorized Biltmore committee representative with every Registry Applicant before we approve them for publication,” explains Holli Kurdes, Administration coordinator . “This assures integrity of our published Registry –those who do earn a place or enjoy membership benefits have all qualified to participate.”

What could a complimentary Biltmore Who’s Who Registry listing do for YOUR business or professional reputation? If you’re interested in finding out whether you could benefit from the same professional boost others are now enjoying, visit []

While one can only enjoy a Biltmore Registry listing and membership invitation through qualification by its committee, they do accept Registry requests at their website for consideration. If you qualify, you will be contacted for a phone interview by an authorized Biltmore representative. If you are approved, there is no charge to be listed in their annual online Registry Publication.

About Biltmore Who's Who

Biltmore Who's Who specializes in providing members with pertinent biographical information of key Executives and Professionals that comprise its membership throughout North America. Biltmore Who's Who encourages all members to use the publication to contact and network with other members to enhance public relations or possibly develop mutual and beneficial business relationships.

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