Is Brainwave Entrainment A Lazy Way To Evolve? New E-book Explores This Effective Technology

Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada (PressExposure) March 12, 2012 -- Everything in our world today is time-dependent. There just doesn't seem to be enough time-for anything, including the evolvement of our minds. We don't have enough time to increase our personal power, maximize our creativity and intelligence, or enhance our spiritual growth, and this deficit shows up in our workplace, our relationships, and in our mental health.

We just don't have time to better ourselves.

Wanina Petlock has just released a free e-book called "Brainwave Entrainment: Easy Even For The Laziest Dog" that addresses this timely problem, by describing the benefits of an effective, scientifically proven, self-improvement tool, called brainwave entrainment. Designed brainwave entrainment recordings are as easy to use as listening to a favorite piece of music and can be done at the listener's convenience, where, how, and when they choose. Because brainwave patterns are targeted and focused, entrainment happens much more quickly than if attempted by the "old-fashioned" method of meditation.

When specific, rhythmic sound and/or light pulses are introduced to the brain repeatedly, the brain will follow and mimic the pattern, and change its dominant brainwave frequency, thus changing its state of consciousness.

Change the mind, change the state; change the state, change the mind.

Any number of "frequency formulas" can be used as stimulus to produce a number of different reactions that range from increasing intelligence, to busting stress. This precise technology can change how people manage their busy lives.

This free e-book on brainwave entrainment is one of a kind. Chapters on how and why it works, how it can help you get what you want, and how it feels to listen to a recording, are just a few that explain, in detail, everything the reader needs to know, to start their self-improvement journey.

"All you have to do is listen. "

Wanina Petlock is a baby boomer first off and then a doula, both birth and death, a reiki master, and a student of parapsychology and holistic medicine. She continually researches scientific data and the self-improvement mind techinique of brainwave entrainment. She enjoys sharing her knowledge by writing informative articles and e-books. You can benefit from this resource at the Waverider Emporium website.

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