Is It Wrong To Spread Awareness about Possible Health Hazards of Aluminium?

New Delhi, India (PressExposure) January 18, 2012 -- Quoting a line from Savage Garden's Affirmation - 'I believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you', its normal human nature to embrace things that may appear to be great but have tendency to cause grief.

Aluminium is one of the abundantly available metals in the world. Aluminium is also one of the more commonly used metals in cookware. Its popularity arises due to its light weight, low cost and from a cooking perspective, it being a good conductor of heat facilitates uniform distribution for better cooking. However, it is also true that Aluminium is not the healthiest way to cook everyday meals. Research by various scientific units shows that people run a high risk of Alzheimer's disease due to exposure with Aluminium. The most common way people are exposed to Aluminium is ingestion, eating or drinking which could be around 30-50mg per day. It has been scientifically proven that cooking or storing food stuffs with base properties (such as baking powder) or highly acidic properties (such as citrus foods, vinegar, tomatoes etc) can lead to aluminium concentration. What happens with such food is that it aids Aluminium's deterioration and which in turn dissolves into existing food also known as leaching. Leaching into daily food can be lethal in the long run as it increases our Aluminium intake through food by 10 times, thus increasing risk to related ailments.

In this world where we find high levels of adulteration in food and water, we face a risk every time we eat, drink, or clean. The best we can do in such an environment is take precaution where ever possible. Avoiding use of substances which decrease the probability of our wellbeing is what every homemaker wants for their family. What would you rather do??

In light of the above, we created a cook-ware range which is Food Grade and is in Tri Ply Stainless Steel, Hard Anodized Aluminum, and Ceramic coated PFOA Free Aluminum. To create the awareness about this range we started advertising higlighting the possibility of risks of cooking in aluminum. The headline of our advertising "Is your cookware Safe. Do you know cooking in aluminum can be harmful". However, some manufacturers of Aluminium Cookware have lodged protests against our advertising calling it 'an attempt to degrade their product.'

We feel that by making a headline with the use of can we are not making a positive statement and only highlighting the possibility of the ill effects that can be caused by cooking in aluminum and leaving the rest to the customer to understand and take their own decission. The information is widely available on the net and by putting in our headline, we think we are not breaking any ethical codes or attempting to offend any section of the society. We are merely stating the information lying in the public domain and leaving it to the consumers to make better choices for themselves.

In order to aid the public to make the right choices, we leave this article open to opinions. While expertise by advertising and marketing professionals, consumer rights protection activists is important, a consumer's point of view on whether our thinking is almost as necessary. The copy of the ad in question is given below.

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