Is Power Leveling Legal in China Now?

Hongkong, China (PressExposure) January 09, 2008 -- Organizing the computers and people to play game for virtual money, level or equipment, and then sell the items through internet to make profit, the mode of game power leveling is never accepted by authorities. But in December 2008, one Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce in China, licensed to a power leveling company, seeking the official monitoring mode of power leveling.

It is the first gold farming company to gain the license.

The owner of the company consulted the Administration Bureau if the gold farming industry is permitted, and if the license can be issued. For this industry is very new, the industry and commerce administrative station reported the case to its higher authorities. After approval, the station issued a business license to the company, named internet tech Service Company.

No doubt it is a breaking news .and what does it mean the government issues the license? In my opinion, it means different for different parts.

Players pay to power level because all the new games coming out require hours and hours of grinding just to get one level. So if they can't find a botting program, or don't want to level themselves, and they don't like to be defeated by the high level players. They usually chose to find someone else to do it fro them. It may not be fun playing this way, but it's not fun grinding for days either. It's just a derivative industry from games industry. No matter good or bad.

Most of the game publishing companies like blizzard hate the power leveling or the gold farming, they always blame the power leveling companies' damage the balance of world of the games; essentially the power leveling companies rob the profits of publishing companies. However the most important point is that the game publishing companies can forbidden the account which using the power leveling etc. so whether the power leveling is legal will not affect the game companies.

To China's government, issuing the license can manage and monitor the power leveling companies effectively, guarantee some benefits of the gold farmers, and the tax income is natural thing. But the issuing the license is jus individual cases, and there is no relevant laws and regulations about how to supervise the industry. It can't be interpreted that the power leveling is legal in China.

All in all, the license event is occasional; the effect will be seen in long time. let us wait and see.


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