Is There A Right Teeth Color?

Scottsdale, AZ (PressExposure) May 21, 2009 -- The straight answer to that question is, "Yes, there is. The right teeth color is the color in which you feel comfortable smiling." In other words, after you have most likely searched through an amazing number of cosmetic dentistry articles, you have probably reached this conclusion yourself: the right teeth color is the color of a beautiful smile. It does not have to be blindingly white, but it should be the shade able to describe your smile in terms of bright and attractive.

Of course, you are wondering what causes the tooth color to become darker, stained, or even yellow. As you will find out from our cosmetic dentistry articles, drinking and eating habits, age, genetic predisposition, diseases and smoking are the regular triggers of teeth discoloration. In other words, teeth color is as subjective as your habits are. Fortunately, owing to cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth discoloration can be dealt with in some of the most successful manners.

However, you should pay attention to the factors that trigger teeth discoloration. By browsing our cosmetic dentistry articles, you will have a clearer view on the types of food and drinks that affect the tooth color - generally, colored food and drinks (junk food, coffee, cola, and even regular drinking of tea), soft drinks and alcohol will have a negative impact on the teeth color, and not only. For instance, alcohol will also have an undesired effect in the form of bad breath.

In addition, certain types of medication that you may be using are likely to discolor your teeth. There are sorts of antibiotics, administered both to children and to adults, that can generate such a discolored appearance. Also, it is preferable to stay away from smoking. If you care about the appearance of your teeth, do not start smoking or stop it, if you are a smoker already.

With teeth discoloration because of genetic predisposition, there is not much you can do to prevent it - but you can treat it successfully and then try to stay away from the factors that could aggravate it (again, related to eating and drinking habits, medication and smoking).

There is no set method in the domain of dentistry to assess a precise tooth color. It all depends on the characteristics of each person. Following the same line of thinking, one cannot say with accuracy the shade of white that he or she can attain. Browse out cosmetic dentistry articles to find out more about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you to adjust your teeth color, teeth shape and other teeth problems that you may have.


With the right information from the right cosmetic dentistry articles, you can have a view on what you can do to change your teeth color [], in the case where you think it is unattractive. The possibilities available with cosmetic dentistry are numerous.

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