Is There a Bias in the iPhone Review Process Related to President Obama?

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) December 15, 2009 -- The App Company has been having some difficulty with the iPhone Review Process lately and it relates to two simple Apps which have themes centered around President Barack Obama. The two Apps in question, The Great Obamo Mind Reader and You Lie! were each rejected by Apple’s reviewers for “ridiculing public figures.”

The APP Company ( creates hit iPhone applications such as Dude, Nag-O-Meter and Don’t Press The Red Button You Moron. “We were very confused by Apple’s reaction to these entertainment Apps,” states Jason Moskowitz, a partner at The App Company. The Great Obamo Mind Reader App features a cartoon depiction of the President and is actually quite favorable towards the President. It features quotes such as “Yes We Can!” and the character in the App is great and all-knowing and reads the user’s mind using a simple math trick. The irony here is that President Obama and the First Lady were shown the App through a friend of ours who works in the administration and they both laughed and loved it. So Apple is trying to protect President Obama from a favorable and fun depiction which he actually approves!”

The You Lie! App rejection is even stranger. This App was submitted on September 9, 2009, after Representative Joe Wilson (Republican-South Carolina) shocked many observers and caused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat- California) to shoot off a death glare in his direction, when he shouted; “You lie!” at President Obama during a nationally televised speech.

“It had seemed like a very straightforward idea at the time,” said Scot Robinson, also a partner at The App Company. “The phrase ‘You Lie!’ had become a pop culture phenomenon and we thought we would create a quick, fun and FREE app which let people play with the phrase. But the You Lie! App turned out to have a controversial and politically charged future that none of us expected.”

The You Lie! App was submitted September 9 and ten days later, an ominous email from Apple was sent stating that the App review process was going to take a bit longer than normal to review due to the nature of the App. “We were at a loss because this was our most simple and straightforward app.” – explains Scot Robinson.

The You Lie! App consists of one button, like the wildly successful app That’s What She Said and our own Dude App. When the user presses the red button, a recording of different people saying variations of the words ‘You Lie’ and similar themed statements is played.

“It was never our intention to make any political judgments or take sides,” says Jason Moskowitz, also a partner at The App Company. “The idea of the app is to have fun. It’s satirical. But it is also truthful; those words were said on national television to the President and by millions of others since. It’s not a secret.”

So you're wondering, what was Apple’s problem with this app? They were nice enough to tell us when I received a personal phone call from a member of Apple’s iPhone App Review Team. It turns out that they didn’t like the fact that 4 of 70 recordings said the phrase, You Lie, Mr. President. The other 66 (including You Lie, You’re a Liar, Liar and You’re Such a Liar) were very similar but didn’t say the words ‘Mr. President.’ The reviewer claimed that using ‘Mr. President’ is objectionable because it ridicules public figures.”

On a second call we were told that Apple now had an issue with our App Description and we were forced to remove any mention of the You Lie! event and of the names President Obama and Joe Wilson from the keywords section of the app description. For some reason, Apple believes that it is their right to wipe the memory of the You Lie! event clean and not allow any mention of it. We have to believe that there have been plenty of one-sided diatribes both for and against Wilson’s outburst within the walls of the App Store and Podcast areas, but only the You Lie! App is objectionable.

We decided to acquiesce and pull the “controversial” “Mr. President” references. Fortunately the You Lie App! was, six weeks later, finally approved.

You Lie! is currently available on iTunes and the iPhone App Store sans the ‘Mr President’ references. The Great Obamo Mind Reader App has not been as lucky. “Sure, we can change the main character of the App and alter the voice and phrases, but it would not be the same App. We are hopeful that Apple will reconsider its position in this instance, especially in light of the President Obama’s own approval of the App and Apple’s recent about-face and approval of a Bobble Rep App which also features similar cartoon depictions,” states Scot Robinson. You can see the Great Obamo Mind Reader in action on YouTube and at

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