Is Your Consulting Practice Or Service Business Pulling A Tiger?

Lutz, FL (PressExposure) January 06, 2010 -- Author, copywriter, and business lead generation specialist Craig Garber, from, says Tiger Woods' recent problems offer valuable lessons to both consultants and small business-owners.

Garber is the author of "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies Anyone Can Use." He says one of the most costly mistakes business owners make, especially on the front end when they are trying to generate leads, is not admitting their mistakes or being open about industry flaws. Garber offers three ways of overcoming this:

1. Show your warts - Let's face it, pretending you're perfect alienates people in your personal life, and the same thing happens when you do this in business. On the other hand, being imperfect lets your customers know you're human, too. "One of the most endearing things you can do, especially to attract new business, is to come right out and admit your flaws. Be open about weaknesses or unethical trade practices that exist in your industry. Then, show the systems or guarantees you have in place, so your clients aren't susceptible to these issues. This does a great job of positioning you head and shoulders above your competition. It lets customers know you're concerned about putting their needs first, which is a breath of fresh air in today's business climate."

2. Man up, quickly - "The most important thing you can do is be pro-active, so your customers hear it from you, first. This is rooted in basic human psychology we learned as children. When you did something wrong, it was always better if your parents heard about it from you, not from someone else. Oddly enough, it's the same way in business: admitting you're wrong isn't easy, but it deepens trust and builds respect. Especially because so few people are willing to do this." Remember, the mistakes you make are usually far less important than how you react to them. The faster you fess up, the faster your clients and customers can move on to other things.

3. Turn this into a reason to make money - This is actually a great opportunity for you to go out and generate new leads. "See, people make buying decisions based on emotions. And when you hold yourself accountable, instead of simply ducking behind conventional industry practices, prospects become emotionally invested in you. This gives you an advantage and it's one of the best times to generate new leads by offering prospects an informative Special Report. Your report should reveal some kind of insider secrets that benefit your prospects by making them better consumers. This is called two-step lead generation marketing. And when used correctly, it has been one of the most effective ways of making money, since the early 1800's." In other words, when you're open and honest about things, people want to do business with you, so let them!

Garber, who specializes in creating lead generation marketing systems and sales letters that push prospect's emotional "buy-buttons," says, "When it comes to business, the old adage 'Rome wasn't built in a day, but it burned in less than a day,' is true. To maintain trust and rapport, it's critical you consistently communicate with your marketplace. It's important you let them know what you're doing right, lessons you learned from mistakes you made, and what your industry is doing wrong, in general. Full disclosure means a lot in today's crazy world."

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