Isolation Transformers Can Complete A Number Of Tasks

Houston, Texas (PressExposure) December 02, 2009 -- Isolation transformers comprise physically separated primary and secondary windings. They are also called as insulated or linear transformers. Isolation transformers offer many benefits. It can be complete a number of tasks.

Isolation transformers are the most basic type of transformers used in industries. You can construct an isolation transformer with primary and secondary windings in order to step-up or step-down the voltage output. They provide electrical isolation between the primary and secondary windings. Isolation transformers have reduced electrical noise between the primary and secondary. You can design single phase or three phase isolation transformers.

It can be used to offer superior impendence matching of a critical load to an electrical circuit. Internal low impedance isolation transformer provides 100% isolation from the input AC line.

You can even add electrostatic shielding to further increase the isolation between the primary and secondary windings. Isolation transformers built with electrostatic shield are very useful for supplying power to sensitive equipments. Isolation transformers with Faraday shields help in improving power quality by attenuating higher frequency noise currents. Isolation transformers with Faraday shields also help in reducing the cumulative leakage current of the Isolator and the connected equipment. In fact cumulative leakage current can be reduced to less than 300 micro amps.

Isolation transformers are best for sensitive electronic equipments used in hospitals and patient-care areas and perfect for protection of sensitive electronic equipments. By using an isolation transformer, the shock hazard is entirely eliminated.

Isolation transformers provide continuous filtering of power line noise in all modes using the surge suppression components arranged at the line input and output. It would be provide an isolated neutral-ground reference for the equipments and eliminate the noise such as common mode noise. The grounded shield commonly interposed between the primary and the secondary of the isolation transformer helps in reducing the coupling of common-mode noise present on supply conductors. Isolation transformers have filter circuit to block differential noise from the secondary of the isolation transformer.

Isolation transformers help in reducing electrical surges using the surge suppression parts placed at the line input and output. They help in reducing electrical surges even in the most horrible power environments, so as to protect the equipments.

Isolation transformers use code-legal method of re-bonding the electrical system safety ground to the neutral conductor on the transformer secondary. In this way, they help in eliminating neutral-to-ground voltage & noise which is the main reason for reliability problems in microprocessor-based electronic equipments.

Isolation transformers can be used as a safety precaution in electronics testing and servicing. It seem to be the safest in electronics testing, troubleshooting and servicing applications.

Power surges, noise and other factors will surely affect and damage the electrical and electronic equipments. Hence the use of isolation transformers is essential to protect our electrical and electronic equipments and to safely using these equipments without any worry. Isolation transformers are inexpensive alternative to the use of dedicated circuits and site electrical upgrades. It has provide complete line isolation, continuous noise filtering and improved common mode surge suppression and eliminate the risk of shock while using the equipments.

Isolation transformers are useful for sensitive equipments such as computer, laboratory equipments, telecommunications systems, sensitive point of sale (POS) equipment, diagnostic testing and precise measurement devices, CAD/CAM workstations, computer networking equipment, and other sensitive electronic equipments. For more information visit:

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