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Coral Spring, Florida (PressExposure) June 30, 2009 -- Reusable grocery bags (also known as eco bags) have seen their popularity surge in the past few years. Celebrities from Aretha Franklin to Lindsay Lohan, and everyone in between, can be seen sporting them around town. What makes these reusable bags so great? Most importantly, the reduced environmental impact reusable bags have over disposable paper and plastic ones. Next, these bags are far more useful and customizable over disposables. Reusable grocery bags make a compelling case to vendors and merchants that still haven’t made the switch yet.

The environmental impact of opting for reusable bags is the easiest to discern. According to the counter at (a producer of eco-friendly reusable bags), so far this year nearly 242 billion (241 with nine zeroes behind it!) have been wasted this year in the U.S. alone. These bags are filling garbage dumps, polluting rivers, streams, and waterways, and getting caught in trees at a truly alarming pace. Far too many landscapes are ruined by every present plastic bags tumbling through the air. The worst part is these bags never biodegrade (they photo degrade, meaning the molecules get smaller but never disappear. Within the disposable bag niche (which should be moved away from completely) paper bags avoid much of these problems. However, they have plenty of their own.

First, we are running out of forests and jungles at an alarming pace. In 1999 alone, 14 million trees were cut down to produce paper bags for America alone. This has a two-fold effect. Not only does producing these bags produce greenhouse gases, the Earth is then less prepared to fight off these gasses due to the loss of trees. Next, according to several industry sources paper bags actually require four times the energy of plastic bags to be produced.

Paper and plastic are out and reusable bags are in. The disposable bags simply have too much of a negative environmental impact to warrant their continued use. The reusable grocery bags aren’t only better for the Earth, they are better for both users and marketers alike. A quality reusable bag can take over two years of normal use. This means that when a merchant gives one away, their customer becomes a walking, talking advertisement for a good amount of time. Since the material in eco bags is much more durable, a wider range of eye-catching colors, logos, and features can be used, making the marketing message that much stronger. Instead of having a one color logo on an ugly peach plastic bag, why not offer your customers a bright beautiful bag emblazoned with your brand? Doesn’t a custom branded reusable bag with 4 colors and a cell=phone holder built into the strap send a better message than seeing your brand on a plastic bag clogging a rain gutter somewhere?

Disposable bags are on the way out, and it’s for the better. All stakeholders involved, including the environment, customers, and store owners all stand to gain from the shift to reusable bags. They pollute less, last longer, and are more durable and better market companies that use them. What’s not to love? Switch to eco-friendly bags today.

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