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Clearwater, FL (PressExposure) February 02, 2012 -- Katherines jewelry has recently added a blog to their website. The website is []. Katherines jewelry has been in business for two years. We are in the industry to serve you and has searched far and wide for various wholesalers, vendors, and distributors to find the right prices, products and excellence that you deserve.

The katherines jewelry blog is very informative. They cover a wide array of jewelry issues.

the first issue is how to clean cubic zirconia jewelry. Here is brief description of what it entails. Cleaning cubic zirconia jewelry is fairly easy. Cubic zirconia gems nned to be cleaned to maintain their brilliance. Many things can dull the gem like body lotion, perfune, hairspray, perspiration or everyday wear.

A convenient way to clean your cubic zirconia jewelry is to use a small brushing device with small bristles. Most likely a toothbrush, along with warm to hot water, mixed with mild dishwashing detergent such as joy. Brush well to remove any scum buildup. Pat dry with a clean cloth. Don't expose your cubic zirconia jewelry to abrasive substances such as household chemicals. Bleach, amonia, clorinated water can damage you jewelry.

If you can't remove the dirt from your cubic zirconia jewelry, take it to a jeweler where they can give it a high pressure steam clean

the second issue history of rings. During the medievil period all classes wore rings. Rings were typically made of iron, copper, silver, and gold. The material of the ring worn usually indicated the class of the wearer. It wasn't until around the 14th century that faceted jewels appeared in rings. Native americans use silver and turquoise in their jewelry. Early christians used the greek symbol, the icthus, which resembles a fish.

Rings are used for many reasons. The first one is adornment. There are rings given as a reward for a job well done such as the super bowl victory. They are given to represent commitment as in engagements and marriages. Women religious to signify their commitment to god also wear rings.

Rings can be made of almost any material now. They can be made from plastic, silver, gold, or copper, even wood. They can be made of ceramic materials as well. They can be of simple design or something as intricate as filigree. There are school rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, friendship rings and mothers rings (usually the birthstones of her children set on a band. The price range of rings can be anywhere from fifty cents (usually found in the toy machines you see in stores) to thousands of dollars and more or even higher.

The third issue is choosing the right ring. We can be very picky when it comes to picking out jewelry. I would like to give some advice about choosing the right type of ring. Many people look at rings without considering their hands, fingers and comfort. Look at your hands. If you have big hands you might get a solid ring. If you have small thin hands go for the celtic bands. If you have short fingers try a thinner band. I know this advice is short but i hope this helps.

So, if you want a valid resource on jewelry, katherines jewelry is the place to be.

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