Jaguar Marketing System is showcased by Chippewa Valley Marketing to Help Home Businesses Succeed Through Mentoring, Live Training, and a Proven Fortune 500 Business Model

Eau Claire, WI (PressExposure) March 24, 2008 -- Jag Marketing System teaches home business owners to implement delegation instead of duplication as a vehicle to success in their home businesses. In a business, no one can be everything from the janitor to the CEO. If a person thinks like a CEO, they will delegate the training, sales, and marketing tasks to professionals. Most people have a fear of getting on the phone and talking to prospects and trying to close the sale. Using delegation, they would now delegate the sales and closing to commissioned sales professionals who will do the cold calling and closing for them. Jaguar Marketing System also incorporates live training in many facets of business, Delegation being just one of them. Other areas of training are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Business Networking, Lead Generation, and Mindset just to name a few.

Mark Swoverland, CEO of Chippewa Valley Marketing says, "The recent addition of Jaguar Marketing System to our line of marketing tools is an excellent fit and will complement nicely our other tools including our Veretekk Lead Generation System, VereConference, our live online VoIP conference system and our many ad submission and SEO tools." "It's time for home business owners to stop duplicating the failures of those before them and start delegating their way to success. Delegate your sales calls to your professional sales force and you will begin to see success immediately and your income rise proportionately", comments Swoverland.

This system is designed to build two types of income for your home business. First, immediate cash flow to jumpstart your business and then residual income for long term wealth. By implementing the delegation business model, the sales professionals you hire will make many times the number of calls you could make on your own. This leverages your time so you can work on automating the process and attending some of the many live training classes held every day in the Jaguar Online Conference room. When you purchase the Jag Marketing System you also receive the ultimate home business training course, Make Money or Make Excuses, which has been called the best home business training course in the home business industry. You will learn how to have 20 - 30 target prospects calling you daily at no cost you. In fact, you will never have to buy leads again. You will also learn how to put 25 -35 people a week into your downline, how to be totally dangerous on the phone, how to brand yourself on the internet, how to be in positive cash flow in 48 hours and much more. You also receive The Journey Continues Training Course and Why Start and Never Quit a Home Business.

With 95% of all home businesses failing annually, a solution needs to be found to help more home business owners be successful. Al Turnquist, CEO of Mentors on a Mission and creator of the Jag Marketing System has found that solution. "We are changing the way home business is being done" states Turnquist. "We want everyone to 'Join the Mission', and the mission is this: First, get involved with a company that will teach you how to make money and provide you with the resources to do it and second, to clean up this industry. You can join us, make money, and at the same time, you can spread the word in this industry about what it takes to make money and get the hype, smoke, and mirrors out of the industry".

Jaguar Marketing System is a complete internet marketing system, part of the suite of tools owned by Mentors on a Mission, an international global mentoring and training company that provides business resources and marketing solutions for the home business and traditional business industries launched in 2004. We are a 4 year old debt free company based out of St. Petersburg, FL owned and operated by our CEO, Al Turnquist.

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