Jamaican in China: Guess Who's Coming to Dim Sum Published by the Passion Profit Company for Kindle/Nook as Second in Living True to Your Self Series

New York, NY (PressExposure) January 05, 2012 -- As the second in its "Living True to Your Self" Role Model series, the Passion Profit Company, publisher of over 75 how to and inspirational products for and by "passionpreneurs," has announced the Kindle/Nook publication of Jamaican in China: Guess Who's Coming to Dim Sum, a humorous and informational blog-to-book chronicle by company founder Walt F.J. Goodridge.

"I do this to show people alternative ways of thinking, being and acting," said Goodridge, a Jamaican-born, Columbia University graduate who escaped corporate employment several years ago to follow his passion, and authored Turn Your Passion Into Profit. "The theme of this new Living True series is "reclaim your power, break free, and live true to your self." In my coaching, I've found that people have misconceptions of and are fearful about what the world is really like beyond their borders, both physical and mental. However, if we're to succeed in bringing about the individual and collective change the world needs to survive and prosper then, to quote Mark Gerzon, author of Leaders without Borders, 'we need the courage and passion to cross the national, ideological, ethnic, and religious borders of our time.' That's what Jamaican in China represents--it's a metaphor to challenge existing stereotypes, limitations and preconceptions, and get you thinking outside the box. The message is: If I can do it, you can too.”

Following last year's publication of Living True to Your Self, Goodridge embarked on a six-month trek through Asia as a "nomadpreneur" (a term he coined to describe a lifestyle and survival strategy for creating income along with mobility and freedom.) He visited cities in China, Laos and Singapore, blogging about it to spread his philosophy of "freedom, function and fun" as the meaning of life, and inspire others to follow. To emphasize that theme of "fun," Jamaican in China: Guess Who's Coming to Dim Sum is a light-hearted mix of his real-life experiences, observations, commentary (from a western as well as Chinese perspective) as well as his private communications with friends and relatives back home. It includes deleted "scenes," parodies, unpublished photos he deemed too "politically incorrect" for the blog. By making it available in formats exclusively for Kindle and Nook, Goodridge offers a direct endorsement of the mobility and freedom that e-readers provide to facilitate the nomadpreneur esthetic.

As we learn from the book's promotion, Goodridge is "....a Spanish speaking, minimalist, vegan, nomad bachelor in China who quotes Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Marley, as he offers survivalist cooking tips and dating strategies, fights crime and promotes freedom, dates cross-culturally, crossing borders, cracking stereotypes, breaking hearts, winning friends and influencing people, while making money as a nomadpreneur throughout Asia, all while motivating and teaching others with information, inspiration and ideas to do the same."

Interview requests and requests for review copies should be directed to the author via email at: walt@jamaicaninchina.com

For more details & ebook: http://www.jamaicaninchina.com/jicpreview.html

For Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006R8BME2

For Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/?series_id=771129

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