Janice M Hypolite Reveals New Book "Disorder in the Classroom"

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) September 17, 2009 -- Janice M. Hypolite worked as a substitute teacher at the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) from October 2007 to February 2009. She is the author of Disorder in the Classroom; or a Firsthand Account of Substitute Teaching in the Chicago Public Schools System. This book gives an indication of what student behavior is like based on her experiences as a substitute teacher.

Over the years, many newspaper articles have been written about the violence surrounding CPS students. Janice Hypolite recalls the last statistic was upwards of 30 CPS students killed on city streets this year. There has not been anything written about a possible link to the classroom. The subject matter of this book may provide that link. Students may not be killed in classrooms, but there is certainly aggressive behavior demonstrated by them. This book shows the different types of bad behavior exhibited in the classroom which range from being impudent to the teacher to fighting with classmates. The substitute teacher may be subjected to this violence as well. Hypolite was faced with issues concerning her physical wellbeing and the security of her personal items in the classroom.

CPS is going through a dramatic change. The certification process for teachers, including substitute teachers, has become more difficult for those coming into the profession. Schools are being closed and some tenured teachers find this to be a threat to their livelihood. Ergo, substitute teachers may then be looked upon by tenured teachers as their replacements. That is not a good position for the substitute to be in. And perhaps that is why Hypolite’s car was vandalized and why she was treated by some teachers with open disdain. CPS now has a new school superintendent who has been on the job for about six months. Therefore, he is in the midst of a learning curve. And just this past week, he has identified $30M to combat the problem of students who are prone to violence or at risk in the school system. That appears to be an admission that violence is a problem in the schools.

There are upwards of 700 substitute teachers at CPS. They are only used when teachers are absent and there seems to be very much teacher absenteeism. So CPS is paying for two people every time a teacher calls in absent. The taxpayer should be very interested in that information since there was a $400M deficit for the previous school year. If all 700 substitutes are used every day possible for the whole school year, that is a cost upwards of $15M. With the struggling economy, the working public is already overburdened by just trying to make ends meet and cannot afford this additional cost.

Though not in this book, CPS is regularly in the news now. It is being investigated at the federal level because of schools that have selective enrollment and those that are magnet schools. These schools are some of the best public schools in Chicago. Federal investigators are looking into whether or not clout has been used in the admissions process.

All in all, the school system seems to be in a case of flux. This book concentrates on the events that happened in the schools and they are quite disturbing.

It is the author’s hope that Disorder in the Classroom will garner public support to make some necessary changes at CPS and other public schools. The love of her community and children has been the impetus to write the book. Now, hopefully, the public will do something about it.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-4259-1 Format: 6.14 x 9.21 paperback SRP: $15.95 Genre: Teaching Methods & Materials / Classroom Planning

About the author: Quote Janice Hypolite, “I am still getting used to the title of author. “Disorder in the Classroom” is my first work. I have had to do a great deal of writing on the job, but never thought seriously about being published. In the CPS system, I was employed as a substitute teacher who was assigned to various schools depending on need for any given day. That is what the book is all about. Having received a degree in business from Roosevelt University, I worked in the accounting profession for the past 30 years off and on. I am the mother of two daughters, Donna Stone and Deana King; the grandmother of five, Denise, Dennis and Danielle Stone, and Brian and Evan King. I am also a great grandmother of two and a divorcee. I was born here in Chicago and have lived here as well.”

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Contact: Janice M. Hypolite Disorder in the Classroom Chicago, IL (708) 263-5458 jhypolite1@netscape.com http://www.outskirtspress.com/disorderintheclassroom

About Disorder in the Classroom

Visit the author’s website at http://www.outskirtspress.com/disorderintheclassroom and get more information. The author can be e-mailed at jhypolite1@netscape.com or called at (708) 263-5458.

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