Japan's Earth, Fire & Water Chaos

New York, New York (PressExposure) March 16, 2011 -- Life in Peril, Health at Hazard!!

Nature's wrath in Japan has brought about large devastation which has disturbed thousands of lives. The surging tsunami onto the coast of Sendai city of approx. a million, has destructed everything on its way.

Emergency has been declared at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, where the pressure has exceeded the normal level. Orders have been given to evacuate areas near to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.

The coolant failure resulted in reactor building explosion and radiation leaks which also has the possibility of damaged containment vessels and risk of meltdown. Though sea water is being injected in the reactors, the pressure levels do not seem to fall. According to the latest news, out of the 4 reactors, reactor No. 1 and 3 have exploded with high-level radiation risk and potential containment vessel damage. Reactor no. 2 blasted with containment vessel damage and potential meltdown is feared. Though reactor no. 4 was shut for maintenance at the time of quake, fire was caused while reactor no. 5 and 6 sees rising temperatures. Many NGOS have rushed to Japan's help for relief and recovery and donations are being made to Red Cross Societies, International Medical Corps, Salvation Army etc.

In the time of such twin disasters, the radiation causes possible health risks. The biological effect of radiation can be measured in microsieverts (msv) and a human being can be exposed to around 2400 msv per year. Around 1 million msv, that is, 1 sievert could make a person ill, while 4 sieverts can drop the survival rate to 50% and 6-7 sieverts can result in death. Radiation can damage human cells at a molecular level and can result in internal organ failure.

One should be aware of his exposure to radiation in different ways. A single chest x-ray can radiate upto 20 msv, food radiates around 240 msv every year, earth's atmosphere from space radiates around 350 msv annually and a single CT scan can radiate around 3000 msv.

The symptoms of moderate level exposure to radiation are vomiting, diarrhea and headaches and increases risk of cancer in future. High level exposure can result in radiation burns, hair loss and damage to internal organs. Sometimes, the body's control process which stops the cells from becoming cancerous gets disrupted and cancer risk in increased in the future.

The radiation effect can be treated by disposing the contaminated clothes and shoes, washing the skin with soap and water and by taking other healthcare services. Drugs to increase WBC can be taken to fight the damage caused to the bone marrow. Potassium iodine tablets can block radioactive iodine from reaching the thyroid gland. Dye called Prussian Blue also helps removing radioactive materials from the body. Evacuations, staying indoors in airtight condition or protective gears are the extreme steps to be taken.

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