Java Piecharts Revolutionize Industry, Bill Gates Says 'Huh'?

Not Applicable, Alabama (PressExposure) April 20, 2007 -- Bill Gates was astouned when he found out that he could create a piechart in java easily, simply by using the 1-2-3 PieCharts. He immediately took out his credit card, and purchased a license, which he then put on his big screen t.v. His jaw dropped in amazement while he dripped saliva.

CEO and Chief Executive Officer Bill Schmitty said 'Wow, I've never seen billy do that before'. And then Billy bought a copy of the license too, and his jaw dropped and he dripped saliva.

CEO's of major companies throughout the country have had saliva drop from there mouth. It is the new trend. Don't you want to be cool like them? Then you must buy a copy/license of this great amazing software. And then you can get an unlimited supply of saliva (disclaimer: unlimted does not necessarily mean unlimited, it is just an expression which means a large abudance of, and sounds better to say it that way. But note, some people may not have a large abudance of saliva, in which case this expression does not apply to you. An 'unlimited' supply of saliva simply implys that you will, providing you can salivate, and are a human being that appreciates quality piecharts, then you will salivate like billy boy).

1-2-3 PieCharts can be purchased at So get it now, and watch saliva come out of your mouth.

About 1-2-3 PieCharts!

1-2-3 PieCharts!

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