Jewel Electrodynamic's Shuttle Bus Shortens the Way to Recreation

China, Taiwan (PressExposure) January 14, 2009 -- Jiangsu Jewel Electrodynamic Technology Co., Ltd., which started its electrodynamic technology business since 1976, is now as a well-noted supplier located in Jiangsu province, China. Featured in manufacturing electric vehicles, Jewel Electrodynamic had taken big and further strides in electrodynamic technology for decades. To reach discerning passengers and users’ requests, it meticulously produces types of vehicles like shuttle bus, electric vehicles, golf cars, sight-seeing vehicles, golf buggies, good wagon, sports & entertainment parts and etc., all of which are aimed to be used for carrying tourists or visitors on their simple trip with safety.

“Safety First; Quality, the Priority.” Jewel Electrodynamic puts this motto as its core all the time, aiming to bring its cozy shuttle bus to both drivers and passengers. For this aforesaid reason, it strengthens both software and hardware for its firm, and severely trains its employees, especially its operators, targeting to upgrade all its production lines up to the world-class level. In the factory of total floorage around 40,000 sq.m, Jewel's well-equipped firm is able to handle mass production of electric cars around 50 units/day, customized design with special orders (in bulk orders), and ordered coating/stylish auto accessories collocated within the car.

---Electrodynamic Technology Used in Jewel--- Electroplating, coating, and auto molding are three main particular technical arts in Jewel Electrodynamic. Jewel’s technicians own the techniques to control the perfect timing for perfect plating. Combined with plating, Jewel has the ability to use different auto molding process for renovated application, designing types of appearances for its electric bus. Hence, to produce the dual-seat, four-seat, or even, six-seat buses are not the tough work for it. That’s why Jewel’s vehicles always stand for the modern trend. Using different coatings is another way to change the appearance. Jewel excels itself in compound coatings experiment with much effort; it tries hard to develop series of colors for discerning buyers. Jewel takes good advantages of “the coating used according to each customer’s demand” and let its different customers have the chances to alternate the car’s outlook for special orders.

---Stylish Electric Vehicles with Qualified 100% Safety--- Specialized in designing multi-seats electric vehicles, there are several types of Shuttle Buses in Jewel for clients to choose. Not only two-seat shuttle bus, but four-seat to six-seat ones are also available in Jewel. Jewel's shuttle bus can be adjusted in colors, seat arrangement, size, dimension, or appearance. It is well-set for not only deliver passengers from stations to villas, resorts, or hotel, but deliver them from subway/metro stops to office buildings. With this shuttle bus, tourist can shorten their way to recreation.

Another major vehicle in Jewel, the Golf Cart, is highly approved by CE & ISO 9001. With its voltage of 36V/48V & power of 3kw/4kw motor, the golf cart, like its electric bus, rarely lacks of electric power, providing drivers and passengers a safety trip for sure. Its battery is designed for rechargeable, too. Besides, the appearance and color can also be changed with special orders in bulk ones.

Except the cars used to conveying passengers, Jewel also presents its Good Wagon for packages and goods delivery. Setting up as an electric truck with two seats, the maximum speed of this good wagon is 30km/hr and the range(loaded) is up to 80km, which are the particular prosperity designed for carrying as many goods as possible than other wagon in the market. With tempered glass in the front side, drivers of Jewel's good wagon can deliver goods with more safety.

Never stopping its development, Jewel makes itself closer to costumers' needs and markets survey all the time. Jewel will keep on take a further stride to innovate more passenger-friendly buses and easy-to-drive good wagons for more potential clients. Elevating its services and upgrading its cars are the targets to fit more purchasers as its essential goal in 2009.

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