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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- As more and more discoveries are made with each passing day, it is a must to cope with the changes of times in order to not get outdated. Jewelry designers keep up with the pace by crafting metals that are out of the ordinary. An exemplary example is the rise of the era of tungsten rings. Considered a “model metal,” tungsten was not introduced as commodity by those in the jewerly industry until the last decade.

Jewelry designers have started to begin crafting rings made of new metals such as tungsten carbide. This metal is known to surpass the strength of steel. Furthermore, tungsten carbide is not easily malleable so it will not lose its shape. Such strength and hardness are plus factors in choosing good pieces of jewelry most especially to men who put emphasis on their rugged and sporty lifestyle. And what attracts women in choosing tungsten jewelries such as tungsten rings is the incomparable shine, luster and the spectrum of colors reflected.

Men and women find tungsten jewelry pieces to be fashionable and durable including tungsten rings. A wide variety of designs and styles are available to suit every distinct taste. Wearing one will never fail to make the crowd turn their heads in your direction. Many manufacturers create rings made of tungsten which resists scratch. Through this quality, your ring will always look polished and new. You get to enjoy your money’s worth as you no longer need to have your precious jewelry piece cleaned and polished every once in a while. It is now clear why rings made from this “model metal” have gained popularity. And they are now seen as staples in a person’s jewelry collection.

One of the problems of people who are acidic and sweat too much is jewelry discoloration. Luckily, this metal will never turn color with normal usage. Sun exposure, contact with sea water or cosmetic products will never cause discoloration or fading of color. This is because scientists have discovered that tungsten alloy is biologically inert.

If those mentioned above do not impress you, then brace yourself for the best offer you will get when a purchase has been made: lifetime warranty against scratching or breakage, or free replacement in some manufacturers. This just shouts nothing but the best jewelry deal ever! It is always wise to stay practical. But you should never settle for anything that is not stylish. Go ahead and let your fingers look fabulous and in style by flashing your very own tungsten ring that has the much coveted long lasting shine.

But while it may be true that tungsten is more intact as it is generally harder than fellow “model medal” titanium, a ring made of tungsten will be torn into several pieces once the force applied exceeds the threshold. The titanium ring will bend out of round. This characteristic of tungsten jewelry is comparable to that of a diamond: extremely hard but not ductile.

Nonetheless, tungsten rings are one of the best jewelries you could own. They are affordable, practical, stylish, durable, and lustrous. You will surely be a head turner with your fashionable and timeless piece of jewelry.

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