Joe Barone to Introduce the Five Steps to Success in the Marcellus Shale region at Natural Gas Expo

Williamsport, PA (PressExposure) March 07, 2011 -- The economic opportunities in the Marcellus Shale are not without their own challenges and idiosyncrasies when it comes to a local company trying to do business with the natural gas industry. With most of the managers being from Texas or in Texas, finding the decision-maker can be challenge unto itself. Almost every local company doing business with the gas industry has a couple funny stories of their own about how they secured business or a contract.

With dynamism of the Marcellus Shale region, there is not a thing can be left to chance. Joe Barone, President, PA Gas Directory LLC with his Five Steps to Success in the Marcellus Shale presentation, will provide a guide for local businesses to follow. The Five Steps are designed to make businesses recognize that doing business the "old way" will not work in this industry. In his first step, Barone wants businesses to "Get out of their Comfort Zone" in order to be able to respond to the 24/7 needs of the industry.

Once a business is out its comfort zone, it needs to adopt at an overall "High Tech, High Touch" strategy to operate successfully. Technology is an important tool for a company to communicate its skills succinctly while identifying points of differentiation. In getting the message to the decision-maker, the business should be using the latest technologies since the all gas workers are heavy users of laptops and smart phones. Except for face-to-face meetings, all communications are electronic. After the "High Tech" has begun to be implemented, it's time for "High Touch," old fashioned schmoozing. A business needs to be present at the many expos and other industry events. It helps immensely to visit the places where gas workers hang out; places like the bars at the hotels, sports bars, convenient stores early in the morning and around lunch. Anywhere one sees a bunch of white pickup trucks with out-of-state plates is a good place to do a little schmoozing.

Barone commented, "This industry moves so quickly and managers are constantly coming in and out of Pennsylvania, without a disciplined approach it reduces the likelihood of success." He added, "As we have observed local companies and have spoken with gas workers, we feel we're getting a handle on the some of the approaches that can work."

Barone will be speaking at the Natural Gas Expo for McKean, Potter and Cameron counties on March 10th. is the leading online directory that connects the Natural Gas Industry with local Pennsylvania businesses. The directory has over 116,000 Pennsylvania businesses organized by business category and by county in the 53 counties in the Marcellus Shale area. It is the directory where the natural gas industry, its employees and their families find local Pennsylvania businesses.

More information can be found at []. For additional information contact Joe Barone, 610.764.1232 or


More information can be found at []. For additional information contact Joe Barone, 610.764.1232 or

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