Johnson County's KC Detailing Is Setting New Standards In The Automotive Detailing Industry

Overland Park, Kansas (PressExposure) April 22, 2011 -- It is 2011 and the people in Johnson County love their cars more than ever. Some would even say that they rival Jay Leno for title of biggest car fanatic. They line up day after day at the car wash to keep their cars looking tip top. Hondas, Bentleys, Ferraris, you name it. If it has wheels, Johnson County probably has one. Car's are an emotional thing for people around here. There is a sense of pride, love and passion when it comes to their car. But the car wash is not enough for some. For the avid car lover, there is a higher standard. A higher calling and passion. For these people, every square inch of the car's surface must shine. Even the smallest little swirl, scratch or chip keeps them up at night. So where can such a person find contentment and where can they go that will lead them to say with 100% confidence, "now that is the way a black car should look"? The answer is often hard for the Johnson County car fanatic to find. It is a never ending search for some. Most give up while others keep searching. But the true car fanatics are finding what they have been looking for.

Google "Car Detailing in Johnson County, Kansas" and you will find an enormous amount of local detailers. Look through the local detailer's websites and you will realize that there are not a whole lot of high-end detailing companies. So many of them are offering full details that include "high speed compounding and polishing" but few, if any, know how to compound or polish correctly. Such lofty promises but very little delivery. There is, however, one company that you will find on the top of the rankings that does offer the world-class level of detailing that this area needs. The company is KC Detailing and even though they have only been open since late 2009, they are finding themselves in the same room with some of the worlds absolute best car detailers. Tim Dodd, the owner of KC Detailing, comments by saying, "We feel like we are filling a niche market that no one else in the area is targeting. There are over a hundred detail companies in the area that offer 'The best detail in Johnson County' but no one is actually coming close to performing the level of service that true high-end professional detailers do. It is cool because this allows us to really set standards that the avid car lover in Johnson County will be excited about. We feel that we are leading the way in the Kansas City, Overland Park and Johnson County area but also realize that in so doing we are opening the door for a new breed of up and coming detailers that will actually compete with us in the high-end realm." The crew at KC Detailing knows that they will continually need to keep up on the new products and techniques to stay ahead of the auto detailing curve and they are working hard to do just that.

Though the KC Detailing team appears to be way ahead of the competition, they understand that they must never become content with were they are at. Melody Powell, one of the crews top detailers, says with laughter in her voice "Tim is always telling us that we are the best car detailers in Kansas City but warns us with a serious tone in his voice 'you never know if there is another Tim Dodd, Alex Minyakov or Melody Powell that is working to take our spot at the top.' It is funny to hear him say that but it is really important for us to remember that we can't become lazy or content with were we are at. We push each other to constantly grow in our skill and understanding of the car detailing industry." They see 2011 as being a major year of growth but are serious about not growing faster than they are ready to. Tim explains "If growing big and making money becomes our primary concern this year, the business will grow really fast but in the end will look like every other detailing shop in Kansas City." There are a lot of companies that start out strong, lose their way in the midst of growth and then end up failing because the company changes for the worst during the growth. The crew's main goal is to literally be the best you can find. Their first press release has been received well by the community and it will be exciting to see what Tim and the crew has in store for the Johnson County, KS area in 2011. Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for what is to come. The company is KC Detailing and they are "Delivering the Details" to the people of Johnson County.

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