Join the Multi-Billion Dollar Chemical Formulas Industry - A Retired Chemical Engineer Reveals His Secrets

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) December 24, 2009 -- Thinking of starting a business?

You probably never considered making chemical formulas such as cleaning products, toiletries or cosmetics, and it may surprise you to learn that you don't need a chemical engineering degree with a million-dollar laboratory in order to do so.

In fact, just about anyone interested in starting a business can get involved for much less than the cost of a basic franchise.

You can easily make top-quality, high demand domestic and industrial cleaning products and luxury cosmetics, either from home, a workshop or shopfront - the choice is yours, and the start-up cost is incredibly low. Until recently, this was an extremely difficult industry for anyone thinking of starting a business to break into.

The multi-national companies which monopolize this global business fiercely guard their #1 asset - their chemical formulas. This has allowed them to maintain their stranglehold on the industry, and protect them from competition from newcomers interested in starting a business in this field.

The profit margins in making chemical formulas is something very few people outside the industry would believe - they range from 500 - 1000 %. It's little wonder the multi-nationals want to keep this secret.

Previously, buying chemical formulas was extremely expensive - and made starting a business in this industry cost-prohibitive.

For this reason, Sam Stein, a retired chemical engineer from Australia, created AustraLab - a unique concept where he shares all the secrets of his 25-plus years in the industry, including his top quality cosmetic and chemical formulas.

"Making cosmetic and chemical formulas is extremely safe and easy," said Mr Stein. "With some simple instructions, well-tested formulations and insider tips, it's something everyone can do and start an extremely profitable business."

AustraLab is a complete package for anyone starting a business. It contains 100 formulations for the most popular and profitable products on the market today - everything from window cleaner, laundry detergent and disinfectant to hand cleaners, hair and skin products, nail polish and mascara.

In addition to these chemical formulas, AustraLab provides a royalty-free Australian trademark manufacturing licence, featuring hundreds of beautiful and unique Australian designs, including the famous face of Rocky Roo.

"There is virtually no other business I know of which offers such enormous profits for such low risk, yet costs peanuts to operate," said Mr Stein. "This is a rare business opportunity which is extremely difficult for others to copy.

"There is no other business opportunity available today which offers this information - there is very little competition, considering billions of people and businesses around the world use these necessity products every single day."

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About AustraLab

AustraLab was founded by Sam Stein, an Australian chemical engineer. AustraLab is a unique business concept revealing the secrets behind the chemical and cosmetic manufacturing industry, and features an Australian trademark licence. See the website at

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